Athlethc Hunks Getting Butt Fucked

Duration: 19m, 59s, Starring Dave Russell, Steve O'Donnell

(238 Votes)

Dave Russel and Steve O'Donnell are perfect for each other - they are the hottest athletic guys that I think I have ever seen, and I would love to suck them off any day of the week. The scene starts with Steve doing laps in the pool, and I don't think I need to tell you that he is goddamn delicious when he is all wet like that. He does end up in Dave's room soon enough, dried off and ready to fuck hard. He sucks his dick to start off with, and that thing is a real monster cock - then he ends up taking that ass and making it his.

Secret Gay Hardcore Fucking at Resort

Duration: 14m, 52s, Starring Anthony Molina, Kyle McKenna

(155 Votes)

When you go to a resort, you usually hope that you can find some very hot gay guys - and if you're Kyle McKenna, you are going to go absolutely insane if you can't find any. Lucky for him Anthony Molina ends up with his dick in his mouth before he can go nuts with the hard on, and he is really giving it to him. I would almost call it a face fuck, except that Anthony can really manage that dick with skilled lips. He doesn't even need his hands, and his skill shows through again once they start fucking some more.

Muscle Bound Bears Fucking Hard

Duration: 12m, 42s, Starring Cutter West, Marc Pierce

(1337 Votes)

There is something that I love to see in gay porn, and that is a hot burly bear. Although Cutter West and Marc Pierce are not exactly the hairest bears around, they do happen to be very hot. I could just watch Cutter's tight ass all day - it's very muscular and delicious, the type of ass that you want to go ahead and spank until he is moaning for you to fuck it. He does get that ass fucked soon enough, but not before he is on his stomach and nearly squishing his dick for Marc's pleasure - he's an odd one sometimes.

Hot Gay Ass Fucking By the Pool

Duration: 14m, 56s, Starring Kyle Hunter, Max Grand

(249 Votes)

A pool is automatically one great place to have gay sex at. You know why? You can just jump right in the pool afterwards to get clean - that rocks! Of course if you have a daring enough partner, you can also go and try to have underwater head. Kyle Hunter and Max Grand aren't that adventurous, but they are a pair of very hot guys with tight asses that love fucking in the back yard. If I was their neighbor I would lean right over the fence and keep cheering them on as they fuck. You can hear the ball slapping from here.

Cute Gay Hunks on Romantic Getaway

Duration: 20m, 56s, Starring Drew Andrews, Jesse Tyler

(988 Votes)

We could all use more romantic getaways, couldn't we? It's not normally a theme that you see in porn too often, so I was glad to see Jessy Tyler and Drew Andrews getting genuinely intimate with each other at this hotel. They start off really slow, working each other's clothes off nice and slow. They don't get completely naked for quite some time, but the pants are definitely off fast enough for some slow and sloppy dick sucking. The camera goes in tight on that dick, and you can almost imagine the taste.

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