Glory Hole for Twinks and Bears

Duration: 21m, 37s, Starring Bobby Golden, Cole Parker, Damien, Ivan Andros

(1288 Votes)

All young twinks dream of getting a hard cock shoved through a glory hole. This young man opens up the hole in the truckers bathroom so that all the hot beefy drivers could shove those meat poles through and get used by any cute boi that happened to be hanging out. This little stud watches two truck driving muscle snakes as they shove those cocks deep into a cute mouth balls deep before rimming that ass and driving those pile drivers in balls deep and leaving him with a sticky mess to clean up afterwords.

Brad Buff Shoots a Load in this Dream

Duration: 11m, 49s, Starring Brad Buff, Cole Parker

(146 Votes)

When Cole Parker sees Brad Buff stroking his meat in the truck stop bathroom his mind comes alive and he has a fantasy about this buff dude. In that fantasy Brad is stroking his dick in a garden of Eden with the sun shining down on him. His hand jerks that stiff wood while nature watches. Cole even adds flower petals to his day dream, those petals are strewn along Brad's hard body. He watches him rub his chub against a towel until he turns over to deliver a cum load to his stroking hand and beautiful six-pack abs.

Coke Parker Yanks Cock in the Bathroom

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Brad Buff, Cole Parker, Trent Cougar

(1633 Votes)

Cole peeks through the glory hole in the bathroom stall and sees a buff dude stroking his meat to a girlie mag his own cock gets hard and ready to split wood. Things get heated and Cole shoves his glory meat through that hole and finds tight virgin ass to plug. He loves that tight assmeat and he fucks that muscle dude until they get busted by a man in uniform. Instead of driving the big rigs, that cute twink ends up gobbling down a night stick and works that daddy dick until he is balls deep and gagging by that old stick. He gets thrown on the floor and his ass measured by a huge ruler of meat.

Cole Parker Peeks in the Glory Hole

Duration: 18m, 55s, Starring Bobby Golden, Cole Parker, Damien, Marco Paris, Mark Cirriano

(1328 Votes)

As Cole peeks into the glory hole he finds a dude stroking his cock meat. When that dick sees Cole it shoves its way through the hole and into Cole's cock hungry mouth. Cole loves that dick and he shoves it into his mouth and owns his throat so he can feel those man balls on his nasty chin. He strokes his own hard wood as that beef continues to fuck his face. It isn't long until he is surrounded by hard men wanting him to stuff all those fatties into his twink mouth at the same time. The fun continues as more guys join the party, rubbers get donned and asses fucked until the room is covered in gooey sticky fluids.

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