Construction Workers Suck Each Other Off

Duration: 22m, 31s, Starring Randy Jones

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Even in the middle of a hard day's work, these horny construction workers can find some time to get off. These two studs find themselves hauling a huge load of coal, so they decide to take a quick blow job break. Hiding behind a wall so they don't get found by the other men, one leans back while the other squats between his thighs, licking and sucking on his erect penis. He jerks the base of the cock with one hand while he alternates between working the balls and the head with his mouth. The oral goes both ways, with the men swapping back and forth, sucking each other like only an experienced gay man can. They finally cream on each other.

Intense Gay Bareback Deep Anal Stroking

Duration: 10m, 22s, Starring Randy Jones, Rod Stevens

(191 Votes)

With no pretense of a plot, this construction worker sex video gets straight into the action. We see Rod bending over stud Randy, fucking him hard in the ass right in the middle of the construction site at midday! These guys have no shame and they don't seem to be too worried about getting busted. I guess if you had a rock hard body and a massive cock like these studs do, you wouldn't really mind about showing them off! The sun gets too hot so they go indoors, continuing with their hardcore piledriver anal. Instead of an internal creampie, the guys stand side by side and jack each other off at the end of this gay sex video.

Multiple Threesomes On Construction Site

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Lucio Maverick, Rogerio Mateo

(387 Votes)

The owner of this construction site is going to be furious, because no work gets done! But that's what happens when you hire a bunch of randy, good-looking construction workers - they just want to fuck and suck each other off all day! No matter where you go on this construction site there is hardcore gay sex happening, including spit roasting, blow jobs and mutual masturbation. Indoors, three guys abandon their tools, with one bending over on the windowsill and allowing the other two men to fuck his butt. In the courtyard outside there are another three men, lying around in a circle and blowing each other simultaneously.

Ripped Construction Worker Jacks Off

Duration: 7m, 48s, Starring Julian Vincenzo, Kevin Cage

(263 Votes)

It's a boiling hot day on the building site and the work is hard and boring. This good-looking stud takes a quick look around to make sure that no one is watching and then decides to take an impromptu break - a jack off break, that is! He shrugs off his overalls, leaving on his hard hat to make sure that he is complying with safety regulations, and strokes himself to a bristling erection. He's got a huge cock with a bright pink head - that's one fine piece of man meat! He stands up as he is about to cum, leaning back in a way that shows off his superb abdominal muscles as he shoots his steaming load. It's a real gusher!

Hot Oral And Anal On Gay Building Site

Duration: 12m, 48s, Starring Julio Carillo, Rod Stevens

(171 Votes)

It's a wonder that any work ever gets done on this gay building site! One man holds a ladder for another, looking up lustfully at his tight buttocks in his overalls. Work is abandoned for the day as the guys get naked, lying down on the warm, sundrenched concrete and sucking each others' dicks. There's hardcore butt fucking both ways as the guys stretch each other out good, giving each other the reach around unselfishly. One man takes a facial and then he is left to jack himself off - his buddy loses interest as soon as he has blown his load! If you like hot solo masturbation combined with anal sex, this video is for you!

Gay Workmen Have A Hot Anal Threesome

Duration: 18m, 50s, Starring Miguel Sabroso, Randy Jones

(220 Votes)

In this somewhat far-fetched gay threesome video, a burly, muscular workman finds a diamond on the job site. Just as he is about to pocket it, two other men see him and demand a piece of the action. In return for their silence, the workman has to get down on his knees and suck them both off! Both have got big cocks and rock hard bodies that will make you instantly erect. There are a variety of inventive positions that these guys get themselves in to, including piledriver and spit roast sex. However, the guy who found the diamond it doesn't get to cum - his buddies abandon him as soon as they blow their loads, leaving him to jack off.

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