Gay Mechanics Have Horny Bum Fucking Sex

Duration: 19m, 48s, Starring Kevin Cage, Rick Gambon

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These two mechanics are working on a classic car when their homosexual lust reaches boiling point. The older mechanic unzips the front of his younger companion's overalls, pulling out his cock and sucking on it while he reaches out to stroke those rock hard abdominal muscles. The guys suck each others' cocks and then the older man lies down on his back, holding his ass up in the air and offering it up to the young stud. What else is the horny gay man to do but plug that tight ass hole, filling it up with his impressively sized penis and stretching it to bursting point? The sex starved older man masturbates while he gets butt fucked.

Hot Gay Mechanics Fucking in Garage

Duration: 16m, 18s, Starring Clark Danson, Rod Stevens

(120 Votes)

These guys can't take their mind off of their work for anything - not even fucking. We find Rod Stevens adn Clark Danson, two deliciously hunky mechanics, working on a car when the mood hits them. It turns out that they aren't going to bother leaving the garage to get their freak on, they're just going to take off their uniforms before they start exploring each other's bodies. I don't know if I contain myself around guys with muscles this damn good - they are tight as hell, and their asses are better than I could ever imagine.

Horny Hunk Mechanic Masturbating

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Daryl Dominquez, Julio Carillo, Kristoff Caine

(247 Votes)

Darly Dominquez is taking a well deserved break at work - and he just so happens to be taking that break by stroking his dick. His hand goes up and down his shaft, his hot muscles getting more and more tense as he gets into it. His uniform is down around his ankles, and occasionally he'll lean over and spit on his dick to get more lube on it. I don't know if Julio Carillo and Kristff Caine, his coworkers, know exactly what he's doing - but if they end up seeing the mess, I bet they can figure out they have a masturbator on their hands.

Well Built Gay Mechanic Threesome

Duration: 16m, 29s, Starring Enrique Gardenelli, Marcelo Moreno, Mauricio Roselli

(90 Votes)

The blue collar guys are always some of the hottest to watch fuck - most of them are so tight and toned, and Enrique Gardenelli, Mauricio Roselli, and Marcelo Moreno do not disappoint. Each and every one of them have very well built bodies - not muscled enough to be gross, but just enough to make them sexy as hell. The first two start things off, while Marcelo watches them for a few minutes. You can't watch that without wanting to join in, though, so they end up in a gay mechanic threesome of the ages.

Two Sexy Gay Mechanics Getting Nasty

Duration: 14m, 41s, Starring Antoine Gasquette, Clark Danson, Daryl Dominquez, Julio Carillo, Rod Stevens

(117 Votes)

Rod Stevens and Clark Danson are two gay mechanics in a garage that is filled to the brim with sexy, studly guys like Daryl Dominquez, Julio Carillo, and Antoine Gasquette. Although those other three do end up popping into the scene, the main action is between Rod and Clark. They don't go to a bedroom or even a backroom. Once they get done working on their car, they end up taking off their uniforms and sucking off each other in the garage. One thing leads to another and before long they are riding cock right by a hot rod.

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