Gay Thoughts About Hot Locker Room Sex

Duration: 16m, 5s, Starring Blade Thompson, Nick Collins, Paul Morgan

(514 Votes)

After oiling up his body, he couldn't help but getting turned on when he was rubbing himself up and down. His thoughts got carried away as his dick grew, and he thought about seeing two big, rough and tumble jocks in the locker room getting it on after a big game! As soon as they start getting naked to take a shower, one of them grabs the other's cock and starts to suck it stiff, licking his prick without even taking off his jersey! The dreamer then got down on his knees and sucked on the other guy, and then sat in his lap to get his dick all the way inside his ass. He couldn't stop squeezing that cock with his butt, and he milked it dry.

Leather Clad Gay Hunks in Dungeon

Duration: 15m, 17s, Starring Blade Thompson, Cole Reese, Tony Alvarado

(110 Votes)

Although this scene starts off simply enough with Cole Reese masturbating after showing off his sexy body in a thong, but the real action starts when you switch to the leather bound hotties in the basement. Blade Thompson and Tony Alvarado start off with a bit of bondage and a lot of kinky action, but it progresses from there with rimming galore. Tony ends up bent over in his leather vest, getting his ass slammed into over and over again as he works his dick. These hunky guys love to do this shit.

Tough Stud Sucks & Fucks Guy In An Alley

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Blade Thompson, Drew Andrews, Patrick Ives

(135 Votes)

To get himself off, he's thinking of some nasty hardcore gay sex, and that starts getting him going. He's thinking of a nasty fucking scene in a back alley, where this guy gets approached and is told that he needs to take out his dick so he can suck on it. Now that's some alley! The stranger takes off his pants and grabs a hold of his stiff prick, running his lips up and down it, and then licking it with his tongue. He doesn't just want it in his mouth though; he's sucking it to get it stiff so he can plow his ass from behind. And that's just what he does, as he fucks his tight butthole and then pulls out to shoot cum on his backside.

Hung Stud Dreams About Fucking A Guy

Duration: 20m, 50s, Starring Blade Thompson, Cole Reese

(123 Votes)

What is this guy thinking about while jerking off in this lounge chair? His muscles are ripped, and he's getting sweaty as he thinks about a hot fantasy he has. He's so close to cumming, too; what's on his mind? Fucking a buff dude, of course! The guy of his dreams gets on his knees and takes his entire dick deep down his throat, sucking it from base to tip to get it as hard as a rock. It seemed like every time he pulled it out of his mouth, it was getting harder! That just means more meat for high tight ass when he bends him over and pounds his pudding. In the dream, he pulls out and cums on his dick, and he cums in real life, too!

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