Closet Gays Have A Late-Night Dorm Fuck

Duration: 41m, 51s, Starring Addy Adanna, Michael Handjob

(77 Votes)

Late one night in this conservative university dorm, young college bucks Michael and Addy hook up for some nasty closet fucking. Both of these guys are completely straight acting, if a little bit nerdy; however, they get down and dirty like experienced anal pros! At first oral sex is the order of the evening, with the guys take turns sucking each others' dicks and also paying plenty of oral attention to each others' asses. There are some great close-ups of the hot rim jobs - and both of these guys have got hairy, completely natural ass cracks! Once the butts are well lubricated with saliva, the dudes also ream each other in the ass.

Aden Adelheid Finds a Stud to Play With

Duration: 27m, 39s, Starring Aden Adelheid, Thomas Adonis

(174 Votes)

Aden Adelheid and Thomas Adonis are enjoying a day out on the town, but they're soon going to be indulging in some fun in a slightly more private location. They're horny as fuck and wanting to get their asses filled over and over again, making their cum spray all over the place once they're finally done with each other. It's the hottest, most wild time that you're ever going to be exposed to, especially once you get a look at how great their bodies are. If you're in the mood for studly, well built men then you're going to be enjoying these guys immensely.

Horny Amateur Guy Discovers Cock Love

Duration: 37m, 19s, Starring Aaron Aemilius, Chuck Agata, Skip Cockring

(196 Votes)

Skip Cockring, Aaron Aemilius and Chuck Agata are in the mood for something a bit more unusual than their normal get togethers, so they're going to end up in a gay threesome. They are loving the mere thought, so when they actually end up living out their fantasy it ends up being so much more than what they expected. Their big cocks are sure to satisfy even their never ending needs, and they spend plenty of time messing around with each other and enjoying it so much that they have to keep it going for as long as possible.

Harry Flinker Enjoys Gay Amateur Sex

Duration: 34m, 38s, Starring Harry Flinker, Jacob Suckmyass

(275 Votes)

Harry Flinker might hide his cock loving side during the day, but at night he's making sure that it's coming out without any reservations. He's loving every minute of the action, especially when he gets his dick completely sucked down by Jacob Suckmyass. He's not only getting that cock sucked, he's also choking down every last inch of it in a gay deepthroat that's going to make you want to empty your balls. This spicy amateur gay couple tries out all sorts of positions before finding the one that really gets them going.

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