Bareback Five-Man Gay Sex Orgy In A Sleazy Hotel Room

Duration: 45m, 36s, Starring Flabio Danby, Jerry Willcockhead

(673 Votes)

Oral sex is the name of the game in this amateur style hotel room orgy! Five horny white businessmen go away on a business trip, and things get a bit crazy on the first night in the hotel! This video is filmed in an extremely hot amateur style, with plenty of blurry close-ups and unsteady camera action, giving a sensual authenticity to this movie that is lacking in more professional productions. What's even better is that these amateur dudes are all genuinely enthusiastic about sucking each other and playing with each other's butts - and of course, there isn't a Goddamn condom in sight, so there's plenty of hot spurting cum in this one!

Twink Double Teamed By Two Older Guys

Duration: 38m, 45s, Starring Benny, Phil

(297 Votes)

This young twink is about to get fucked up good! Horny bears Phil and Benny have got this cute young dude over at their apartment for the afternoon, enjoying sitting around and relaxing. The young twink makes his intentions known as he reaches out with his feet, starting to rub the cocks of the two older men! They lead him inside without further ado, peeling off his clothes and shoving their big cocks into the twink's hungry mouth. Then the hairy and beefy older dudes take turns screwing the young twink in the ass, making him cry and moan as they stretch out his little, virtually untouched ass hole like he's never had it before.

Big Cock Guys In Partner Swapping Fun

Duration: 46m, 16s, Starring Flabio Danby

(441 Votes)

In this excellent gay orgy video, two clean cut and sexy gay couples hook up in an anonymous hotel room for some partner swapping fun. The guys have an attack of nerves when they first get to the room, sitting facing each other on the two single beds - then they quickly take off their clothes and jump into the action. The guys take turns sucking each others' cocks, exploring the dicks and asses of these virtually anonymous strangers. There's nothing hotter than seeing your boyfriend getting reamed in his ass hole by another dude who you don't even know and who has a much larger cock than you do - and to watch him swallow another man's cum!

Gay Ass Licking Foursome In Cheap Motel

Duration: 40m, 53s, Starring Flabio Danby

(169 Votes)

These middle-aged dudes have got more hair than a fur coat - and they love to use their filthy mouths for all kinds of cocksucking and ass licking fun! At first the guys pair off, sucking each others' poles and paying special attention to each others' asses. There are some great close-ups of these hairy cracks getting licked - it's obvious that no wax or razor has touched these bumholes for quite a while! There's not much anal sex, with the gentlemen concentrating mainly on the oral and jerk off action.

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