Max Grand and Alex Carrington Fucking

Duration: 19m, 28s, Starring Alex Carrington, Max Grand, Rock Jennings, Seth Black

(294 Votes)

Max Grand and Alex Carrington are relaxing out by the pool, but they can see each other's massive dicks. If you love seeing the poolboy fantasy come to life, you are going to love this one. Alex is the pool boy, and you can see Max's dick getting harder and harder as he starts at this forward guy. Once his cock comes out, Alex covers it with his mouth. He just loves the taste of that cock, especially as he slides it all the way to the back of his throat. By the time he's done, he gets his sweet ass fucked and stretched.

Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Latino Ass Fuck

Duration: 16m, 33s, Starring Anthony Mengetti, Max Grand

(2150 Votes)

Pizza delivery man Max Grand can't believe his eyes when the door is opened and standing there is well muscled Latino stud Anthony Mengetti. One look at that man's muscular chest and he knows that he has to have a piece - fuck the deliveries that he has to do! Since Anthony is dressed only in his y-fronts, Max pulls his cock out and begins to suck it. Then he bends over, demanding an ass slamming from the much bulkier stud, who gladly does him. Anthony pulls out and spunks on Max's ass, but Max hasn't finished yet! Anthony looks a bit surprised when Max demands that he fuck his ass, but he willingly lies on his back and spread his legs.

Muscle Stud Fucks Hot Younger Roommate

Duration: 16m, 22s, Starring Alex Stone, Peter Horne

(1525 Votes)

Young stud Peter has had his eyes on his muscular, older room mate Alex for ages. Alex is a mechanic, getting home from work covered in grease and sweat and smelling like a real man. Today, goatee wearing stud Peter can't resist any more, pressing his lips against Alex's as soon as the older man walks in the door. He might be tired after a long day's work, but Alex is never one to turn down a free piece of ass! He leans back against the kitchen counter as Peter blows him like a true pro, his tender years belying his oral experience. Then the muscle stud bends his young companion over, buggering him right in his tight butt.

Sexy Gay Hunks Fucking by the Pool

Duration: 17m, 49s, Starring Max Grand, Rock Jennings

(402 Votes)

The poolside is ripe for romance, and these two gay hunks are in the mood for some loving. Max Grand and Rock Jennings are in the mood to have passionate poolside sex, and as they start thrusting and rubbing against each other you can see their dicks getting harder and harder. By the time they get warmed up you can see just how massive their hunky cocks are. They start moaning with every thrust, and as Rock's ass gets more and more stretched he ends up shooting his cum all the way across the pool.

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