Interracial Guys Bang Each Others' Asses

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Koby Bird, Trevor

(137 Votes)

The sex goes both ways in this hot gay interracial clip. At first you see a muscular black man sucking the penis of his slimmer boyfriend, who is of indeterminate race. However, the action is not one-sided and both guys take a turn at gobbling down the dick before the anal sex begins. At first it's the ethnic guy who gets fucked in the ass by his well hung black boyfriend, held firmly in position and sodomised. Like most black men, this ebony stud is truly hung and it's a wonder that he doesn't rip that ass hole part! However, he is also a giving man, allowing himself to be butt fucked by his boyfriend as well. It's so considerate!

Bored Latino Ass Fucks Black Muscle Man

Duration: 16m, 22s, Starring Don Juan, Kamrun

(98 Votes)

This extremely good latino guy is obviously spoiled for choice. He's got a great face, a really cute slim bod and a fat dick - what man wouldn't want a piece of this cute ethnic cocksucker? At the beginning of the scene he lies back on the bed relaxing while a muscular black stud blows him for all he's worth. This black dude has great oral skills, but the latino chap still looks quite bored, looking off into the middle distance. Perhaps he just doesn't like black guys? However, race barriers don't stop him from ass fucking this black stud, making him yelp as he pounds his butt in doggystyle. He leaves the black guy to jerk himself off.

Asian Twink Ass Fucked By Latino Stud

Duration: 19m, 15s, Starring Alex Mendez, Zack Masters

(88 Votes)

In this interracial gay anal scene, a cute young Asian dude gets his ass fucked by his older and more dominant Mexican boyfriend. At first, the latino dude just sits back on the bed while the cock hungry Asian twink goes down on him, swallowing that sweet brown shaft and giving it all the attention it deserves. Then the Asian dude assumes the position, burying his face in the pillow to muffle his own screams and sticking his ass up in the air for punishment. The latino gleefully takes that tight young ass, splitting the tiny sphincter right open and fucking the dude hard. He yelps during the painful anal and then gets splattered with jism.

Disinterested Latino Has His Cock Sucked

Duration: 21m, 51s, Starring Javier, Soloman

(129 Votes)

This seems to be quite a strange couple - although both guys are extremely good-looking and have great bods, one of them just doesn't seem to be into the relationship! The clip opens with an extremely muscular black dude sucking on the cock of his more slightly built Latino boyfriend. The Latino looks off into the distance as if he is thinking about something else, or perhaps fantasising about someone else working his dick! For his part, the black dude is an extremely enthusiastic cocksucker, swallowing that sweet brown shaft for all he is worth. The Latino even fucks the black dude in the ass but seems no more interested than before.

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