Leather Fetish Gays Share Their Cumloads

Duration: 25m, 24s, Starring Steve Tuck, Vince Logan

(189 Votes)

The anal goes both way in this dungeon fetish scene. Two good-looking studs kick things off with some hot cocksucking, as a guy wearing leather pants gets blown by a dude just in his underwear. Then there is some sexy anal, but the guy in the chaps ends up getting fucked in the ass the most! He takes his pants off at one point so that he can grip his buddy better with his thighs while he takes that dick. The two guys end up ejaculating all over each other's stiff cocks, coating each others' willies with semen and then rubbing it in until the dicks are glistening with spent jism. Maybe they should have licked it up instead!

Leather Loving Gays in Dungeon

Duration: 20m, 32s, Starring Blake Andrews, Danny Chance

(92 Votes)

Blake Andrews and Danny Chance just love to get into gay rough sex, and today is no different. Danny drags Blake in by a leash, having him crawling around on all fours before having his head shoved down on his dong. He has him collared throughout the entire episode, and pleasures him the entire time. This gay domination movie has plenty of ass pumping in it, along with a look at one of the kinkiest looking dungeons that you have ever seen. If you want to grab hold of your dickhead to this I know why - it's so fucking hot.

Two Guys Have Hard Anal In The Dungeon

Duration: 22m, 5s, Starring Lee Casey, Vincent Rimbaud

(71 Votes)

This clip begins with a good looking gay man wearing long leather chaps standing over a blond homosexual who is sucking his cock. The horny dicksucker has got on a tight pair of white underpants. However the roles get reversed as the guys engage in mutual oral and then it is fellow wearing the leather pants that ends up getting fucked in the butt. There is a look of intense glee on white underpants guy's face as he bangs his partner anally. The leather clad stud loves getting reamed in his butt, contorting his face as his cock dribbles precum from the internal prostate massage. Two spectacular cumshots finish this intense clip.

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