John Shows Impeccable Deepthroating And Cum Swallowing Skills

Duration: 11m, 18s, Starring John Ross, Ryan Bull

(174 Votes)

Shaven headed stud John Ross shows off his incredible cocksucking skills in this short amateur clip. With the camera trained on his boyfriend Ryan's dick, bald stud John goes down on him in no uncertain terms. Using a combination of hand and mouth action, John completely engulfs Ryan's dick, swallowing it literally to the base until his nose is sticking in to the underside of Ryan's balls. He works that sweet, tight mouth up and down the pole while you can hear Ryan's moans of pleasure from just off camera. It doesn't take long for Ryan to spurt, and he drops a huge load right inside John's mouth - which of course he swallows completely!

Gabriel Rubs His Goatee Against Ballsack While Deepthroating

Duration: 46m, 39s, Starring Gabriel Poe, Spencer Snake

(265 Votes)

Goatee wearing stud Gabriel is the perfect cocksucker! His man Spencer relaxes in luxury as Gabriel gives him an erotic foot massage before he eases his way up his legs with his mouth. When he reaches the hairy cock, Gabriel takes it into his mouth, suckling on the head and then engulfing the whole damn thing with his throat! He's got superb technique, running his lips up and down the shaft and stimulating the underside of Spencer's ballsack with his goatee. There's also some hot 69 action to be enjoyed, with overweight Spencer showing that he is no slouch when it comes to cocksucking either. However, it's Gabriel who takes the prize!

Eddie Iron Drinks Down A Cumload

Duration: 48m, Starring Eddie Iron, Kenny Whip

(250 Votes)

Eddie Iron is in the mood for something a bit different today, so he's going to be meeting up with Kenny Whip and gobbling down plenty of cum. He is very eager to wrap his lips around that cock and work it all the way down to the hilt, letting himself get all hot and bothered before too long. As he gets closer and closer to that cumload, he feels his own cock start to drip nice and wet. He just loves feeling that he's about to blow when that cum pours down his throat and fills him up, making him aware of that warm and salty taste.

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