Horny Cocksuckers Have Oral In Bushes

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring Paull, Sammie

(305 Votes)

A good-looking young Caucasian guy finds a secluded spot in the woods. He lays out his blanket, getting completely nude and sunbathing a little, trying to get a tan on his private parts. Little does he know, but he is being spied upon by another man, who is lurking in the bushes. Eventually the lurker makes presence known, walking over and laying his hand on the sunbathing man's thick cock. This turns in to an oral extravaganza, as the two men first rub their cocks together and then come together in a passionate 69. They both provide each other with excellent oral service, sucking out each others' hot cumloads into their mouths.

Two Guys Wake Up Horny And Fuck

Duration: 13m, 41s, Starring Paull, Sammie

(423 Votes)

Paul came out of the shower and saw Sammie on the couch in his underwear. He walked over and started rubbing on Sammie's dick then Sammie took off Paul's towel and returned the favor. The guys kissed then Paul told Sammie he wanted him to fuck him so Sammie bent him over the arm of the couch and slid his now rock hard dick into Paul's ass. He hammered Paul's ass like he was mad at it, working him hard and making him moan with pleasure. He fucked him until he was ready to collapse from exhaustion then pulled out and traded cumshots with him as he guy came in the other guy's mouth.

Cash Strapped Twink Gets Savage Ass Bang

Duration: 28m, 16s, Starring Miko, Simon

(460 Votes)

This cute young twink needs some more money to fund his college studies. It's really difficult to make ends meet when you're a college student, especially with the recession on! However, getting fucked and taking a messy cumshot seems like an easy way to make a few bucks. You have to wonder whether he knew what he was letting himself in for! The unsuspecting twink gets roughly throat fucked by his shaven headed friend, and just as soon as he has got his breath back he gets fucked right in his tight ass! His buddy is well hung and nails him really rough, with virtually no lube. He pulls out and spunks on the surprised twink's face.

Horny Gay Men Have Hard Anal Sex Session

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Phil, Shawn

(406 Votes)

A horny homosexual has managed to hook up with a potential boyfriend. They go for a romantic walk in the woods, walking hand-in-hand and starting to kiss each other passionately, confident that there is no one around to see their homosexual passion. In a clearing, they strip down to their underwear and then completely nude, playing with each others' cocks and sucking each other off. The hardcore action seems to last for hours, as one guy gets bent over and fucked in his ass hole repeatedly, then has to clean the other man's dirty cock off with his mouth in between sexual episodes. Finally the dominant male spunks on his friend's face.

Lucky Young Guys Have Romantic Ass Fuck

Duration: 29m, 40s, Starring Jim, Mark

(1121 Votes)

Some money changes hands in this scene, but both of these guys are really doing it for love! These fellows, one blond and one brunette, peel each other's clothes off slowly and sensuously, rubbing their muscular bodies together until their pricks are throbbing and dribbling precum. The oral sex goes both ways, including deepthroat blow jobs and ass licking. The two men also take turns fucking each other up the butt, with the blond doing his brunette buddy first and then taking it in his own ass for a bit. At the end of the scene the two men lie with their arms around each other, cuddling and kissing romantically. They're so lucky!

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