Two Horny Guys Help Each Other Get Off

Duration: 21m, 16s, Starring Michael Raphael, Sweet Williams

(146 Votes)

At the beginning of this scene, a good looking mature gentleman is masturbating alone on his bed. This guy has a rock hard, muscular body and a really nice uncut cock, but he just can't seem to get himself off by himself. Sometimes you just need the touch of another man to drive yourself over the edge! To solve his problem he gets on the phone, calling up another good looking ethnic man. He's over there in a flash, sucking on the Caucasian man's dick. There is extensive oral sex as the guys blow each other, 69 and even sit on each others' faces, tonguing each others' slippery assholes. Then they take turns hammering each other in the butt.

Two Studs Get Wild And Hardcore

Duration: 17m, 50s, Starring Alex Wilcox, Valentino

(233 Votes)

Alex Wilcox was relaxing on his couch when the smoldering hot Valentino walked in. The two locked eyes and attacked each other, ripping each other's clothes off. Alex leaned in and swallowed Valentino's thick prick. Valentino returned the favor and blew Alex then took him outside where he laid Alex down on a lounge chair and mounted him, taking that thick prick deep in his ass and riding it. He let Alex fuck his brains out until he couldn't hold out so he pulled out and came on Valentino's back. Valentino collapsed on the chair and stroked his shaft until he came all over himself. That is how you coat a dude in jizz!

Ultra Masculine Men Getting Nasty

Duration: 20m, 43s, Starring Hawk McAllistar, Max Grand

(383 Votes)

Hawk McAllistar and Max Grand can't be described as anything but ultra masculine men. They have the type of built bodies that make you want to follow them around and be fucked by them for days. They're also sporting quite a bit of body hair, which adds to the manly feel. They start off with a bang, going for blowjobs and loving every second as those cocks slide deep down their throats. Max can't wait to bend over and take the big dick of Hawk, moaning and shuddering as that schlong makes its way deep inside of him.

Two Sexy Hunks Getting Nasty in Bedroom

Duration: 23m, 32s, Starring Sweet Williams, Valentino

(259 Votes)

Valentino and Sweet Williams are in the mood for a fun and furious fuck, so off they go to the bedroom to have some fun. This sexy gay pair are hunky as hell, with the type of muscles that will make you drool, and big cocks that will have your ass sore from just looking at them. They start with a blowjob on the floor, fast and intense, with those tight asses pumping away as Valentino starts the face fucking. Once they're good and hard, Sweet gets bent over the bed, his ass cheeks spread, and he takes a deep dicking from his lover.

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