Babaji Gets His Butt Fucked By Mean Dean

Duration: 22m, 39s, Starring Babaji, Dean Butler

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Babaji can't wait to get his beefy cock-sucking boyfriend inside. As soon as they walk through the doors Dean is down on his knees chewing on Babaji's meaty dick. He expertly runs his tongue down the length of the hard shaft then he sucks on the those bulging testicles like a stray dog. Babaji grasps hold of Dean's shaved head and pulls him close so his dick fills up his entire mouth cavity. Hungry for more, he jams his face in between Babaji's butt cheeks and explores his puckered anus with his pointed tongue. Babaji crams his cock into the loose ass of his companion and pounds his sphincter repeatedly. Then the two men jack off together.

Bald Leather Daddy Getting Pounded

Duration: 25m, 57s, Starring Dirk Adams, Babaji, Marshall O'Boy

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Although the scene starts off with lovely blonde leather man Dirk Adams, the bulk of the action is all about Babaji and Marshall O'Boy. This brunette and bald leather loving pair puts plenty of kink into their escapades, which are taking place in a quiet corner where no one is going to interrupt their fun. When this pair gets started, they don't just use their mouths, fingers, and dicks - oh no, they bring out some toys as well. This gay insertion scene is so hot that it's going to make you cum just as loud as these leather daddies.

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