Leather Gays' Super Hard Anal In Dungeon

Duration: 17m, 21s, Starring Drew Andrews, Eduardo, Eric York, Tanner Reeves

(449 Votes)

In a dark subterranean dungeon, a curious businessman watches two leather clad studs fucking each other hard in the ass. These guys are dressed head to toe in some extremely hot leather, including caps, armbands and chaps. They kiss passionately, one guy leaning back on the wall while his buddy goes down on him, his head bobbing up and down on his enormous slippery pole. Then the ass fucking goes both ways as the guys bugger each other senseless, while the businessman grows more and more agitated. He can almost feel those cocks sliding in and out of his own ass - he wants some of that hot gay anal action! Another man gets converted!

Submissive Guy Sucks Dick On Command

Duration: 15m, 52s, Starring Blade Thompson, Drew Andrews, John Marcus, Tanner Reeves

(291 Votes)

This short haired cocksucker is totally submissive. He crouches in front of his leather clad daddy, a broad chested and muscular stud with a great head of hair. The cocksucker slurps down on the dick, gobbling the whole thing and massaging the balls while he does so. That's some seriously awesome oral pleasure! When ordered, he bends over on all fours and sticks his ass out in anticipation, while his longer haired friend plugs the hairy cocksucker in his butt. After a long anal fucking his daddy spunks on his ass and then the submissive man jerks himself off, ejaculating all over his own stomach. He arches his back while he spurts.

Two Guys Share A Young Cocksucking Twink

Duration: 19m, 22s, Starring Cutter West, Drew Andrews, Sam Ritter, Tanner Reeves

(187 Votes)

There's nothing better than finding a horny cocksucker and doing him in the butt! This clip begins with a young twink cornered in a dodgy subterranean dungeon that looks like a locker room. He is wearing a preppy white shirt, and he is totally surprised when he sees his leather clad daddy stumble into the room. He pushes him roughly up against the lockers, demanding a hot blow job, which the twink quickly complies and performs. Then another leather clad stud enters the room and the two leather dudes share the twink between them, fucking his mouth and then his little ass hole while he screams helplessly. His ass is so tight - it makes the guys cum quick!

Spurting Cocks In This Leather Fantasy

Duration: 15m, 42s, Starring Drew Andrews, Tanner Reeves

(515 Votes)

In the dungeon of this exclusive leather sex club, two leather clad guys explore their deepest and tightest anal fantasies. Outside in the real world they might have boring jobs like bankers or accountants, but in here they are leather clad demons, intent on delivering the most severe anal sex they can! After they have exhausted the possibilities of kissing they move on to even dirtier oral sex, sucking each others' dicks and even tonguing each others' dirty assholes! Then it's anal sex time, as they bend each other over and also fuck in missionary on a convenient sofa. The two men splash each other with their spurting loads of jism.

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