Hardcore Anal And Oral In Leather Club

Duration: 23m, Starring Dom Sinclair, Hank Hightower, Jason Pride, Kyle Richards, Rick Drake

(122 Votes)

Anything goes in this filthy gay leather fetish club. A couple of guys in your classic gay fetish uniforms, consisting of kinky leather and studs, get it on with some hot mutual oral and ass fingering in one room. The way that the guys languidly play with each other, with no sense of urgency, hints that they have done this before! In another room the action is far more furious, as two guys in white underpants get straight into some hardcore anal fingering that almost turns into fisting. Once the butthole is loose, the hardcore butt slamming goes both ways, culminating in a couple of extremely messy semen explosions. This is hot stuff!

Leather Lovers Paradise with Hunks

Duration: 22m, 3s, Starring Chris Yeager, Dallas Taylor, David Cline, Jason Lane, Michael Damon

(179 Votes)

There are a ton of hunks and an even greater amount of action in this leather fetish video. First the cast of characters - you have Chris Yeager, Dallas Taylor, Michael Damon, David Cline, and Jason Lane coming through at some point. All of these guys love leather, and you get to start things out with a great dick sucking scene. It soon becomes much more than that, and these guys get more and more intense with each other as the scene goes on. You'll see lots of leather sex, and even more explosive orgasms.

Naughty Leather Daddies Enjoying Sex

Duration: 26m, 44s, Starring Dallas Taylor, Kyle Richards, Michael Damon

(104 Votes)

Kyle Richards is in the beginning of this gay leather fetish scene, but soon you're left with just Dallas Taylor and Michael Damon. That's enough for anyone though, as these two leather loving hunks have so much sexual energy that they are going to make you cum just looking at them. They are really into each other, and love the feel of their bodies against each other. The leather adds a great element to the action, one that really makes them want to keep going harder and harder until they explode with desire.

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