Gay Leather Party Leads To Orgy

Duration: 34m, 1s, Starring Matt Windsor, Chaz Carlton, Brad Eriksen, John Marcus

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Four leather clad gay men arrive at the location of their next Leather Party and share the tasks needed to get it ready in time. The motorcycle that is sitting there turns two of them on that they have to take a break before even starting and use the bike as leverage for their cock sucking. The other two guys also get distracted by each others bodies while checking out the warehouse. After some serious cock sucking and ass licking they join the other two men by the bike and have a deep penetration party.

Leather Daddy Dishes Out Severe Ass Bang

Duration: 26m, 19s, Starring Ty Davenport, Rick Estephan

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Welcome to the leather dungeon - where you can leave your worries and stresses at the door, losing yourself in the erotic world of hardcore gay leather sex! The only thing better than having your cock sucked or getting fucked in the ass is wearing leather while you're doing it - so brash, so masculine! Two guys meet each other next to an archway, one guy leaning back in John Wayne fashion, his leather vest hanging open to reveal his hot abs. The other man, who is topless but dressed in leather pants, can't keep his eyes off him, soon sucking his dick and begging for a hardcore ass fucking from the anonymous dude. He gets it real dirty!

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