Hairy Bear Coworkers in Office Sex

Duration: 24m, 11s, Starring Ben Stanton, Leonard Hatchet

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Office sex is a pretty common fantasy in straight porn, but for whatever reason you don't see it very often in gay porn. Leonard Hatchet and Ben Stanton are changing that with this great gay porno, which features them getting nasty with each other in a private office. They start stripping, and that's when you see that they are sexy hairy bears. These burly and manly men will take your breath away and make you weak at the knees, especially when they decide that they want to fuck each other right in on the office chair.

The Contractors Work Then Fuck

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Joe Rosemore, Phil Shipworth

(359 Votes)

Joe Rosemore and Phil Shipworth were working painting a woman's house. She left them alone so while Joe finished up the trim, Phil pulled his overalls down and started playing with his ass. Joe stood on the ladder and let Phil suck his cock until it was so hard he thought he would burst. He returned the favor giving Phil a wet blowjob. Phil sat down and let Joe sit on his cock, bouncing on that hard rod and stroking his own. He stood Joe up and bent him over, pounding his ass, but careful not to mess up the fresh paint. When they were ready to pop they took turns cumming on each other's balls.

Black Photographer Gapes Young White Guy

Duration: 17m, 43s, Starring Dean Jefferson, Mitch Lowe

(182 Votes)

The camera is an amazing thing - put someone in front of one and watch their inhibitions slide away! No one is exempt from the Kodak courage, least of all this impressionable young white guy. He is already impressed and aroused by this charming black photographer, and he finds himself complying more and more with the black man's outrageous demands. First he removes his clothes and then his underwear while the black man keeps snapping photos. Soon he is completely naked and sucking the black man's penis, only to be bent over the stool and fucked hard in the ass by the well hung photographer. He really gets a sore, gaping bottom!

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