Two Hot Studs Having Anal By The Pool

Duration: 17m, 56s, Starring JT Sloan, Todd Mitchell

(165 Votes)

JT Sloan was fixing the air-conditioner when he heard a splash in the pool and had to investigate. When he got there he saw Todd Mitchell and was surprised by how much his dick responded to his good looks. They both jump in the pool and JT slides to the edge of the pool to get his cock sucked. Eventually they both get out and start to make out. Then one guy sits on a chair while the other is still on the ground getting his asshole licked. Then the two stretch out and Todd slides his asshole all over JT's rock hard prick.

Horny Gay Guys Take Turns Getting Fucked

Duration: 16m, 48s, Starring Dino Phillips, Michael, Travis Colt

(94 Votes)

This one gay couple remembered a time when they invited over a dude purely to fuck. They remember in detail how good it felt when the couple made out as the other guy started to suck on the one guy's knob but all this talk of a three-way started to turn the two studs on. They prefer to just be with each other, sucking each other's dicks and then pounding them into their tight assholes. They each take a turn being submissive and getting their asses stuffed. They love every second that they're filled with their lover's hard dick.

Eric And Grant's Hot Bedroom Anal Fuck

Duration: 16m, 35s, Starring Eric Evans, Grant Larson

(298 Votes)

Gay porn stars Eric Evans and Grant Larson have some hot oral and anal sex in this straightforward fuck clip. The clip opens with the two men lying on top of each other on the bed, rolling around and grinding their packages together as they kiss and fondle one another. The guys strip down to their underpants and then completely nude, sucking each others' pricks in a variety of steamy simultaneous 69 positions. Eric lies on his back, idly stroking his prick while Grant lubes up his ass and then starts to fuck him. Eric squeals as the head of the penis passes his sphincter, but then he takes the rest of the thick shaft with surprising ease.

Handyman Sucks And Fucks Two Hard Dicks

Duration: 16m, 6s, Starring Casey Williams, JT Sloan, Ruben Omar

(162 Votes)

JT Sloan is doing some handy work around the house when Ruben Omar and Casey Williams see what a good job he's doing and ask him to help with a job they need done. Turns out that job involves a lot of nudity and a lot of dick sucking. JT is the first to get his cock slobbered on by his new blonde friend but then he gets his own mouth shoved full with the other guy's big juicy meat. JT is the first one who gets to bone the submissive blonde. His dick slides inside his tight asshole hard and deep while the blonde sucks the other hard prick. Eventually all the men get a chance to unload their creamy jizz.

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