Extreme Gay Porn in a Wild Dungeon

Duration: 25m, 36s, Starring Oliver Smile, Rocky Summers

(154 Votes)

Now I'm all about dungeon sex, that's for sure - although I'm not sure if Oliver Smile is going to share this viewpoint with me. Why, you might ask. Well it's simple - he's the one in chains, just waiting to get whipped by Rocky Summers. He's also in a mask at first, although that gets taken off fairly quick. There is leather and muscles everywhere, and I just have to say that it is truly hot. There is some light bondage here as well, which adds yet another element of extreme hotness to this scene. There is nothing that this pair can't do if they put their minds to it.

Passionate Male Sub Gets Tied up

Duration: 26m, 32s, Starring Felippe Hrabik, Vlad Matena

(238 Votes)

Felippe Hrabik is having a ton of fun with his sub boyfriend Vlad Matena. He just loves to show off his collection of whips, chains, and leather, and he's also not afraid to use them. He starts off with some light whipping, but then they get harder and harder as his dick starts to get harder. Once he's completely stiff he starts to push his cock into his boyfriend's mouth, nearly demanding that he suck his cock with a fervor that surprised even me. I loved seeing that shit, especially near the end of the scene.

Naughty Gay Fetish with Leather and Whip

Duration: 22m, 22s, Starring Andrew Matyasz, Stanley Kovacs

(201 Votes)

Andrew Matyasz and Stanley Kovacs are two rather horny guys that can't help but want to get the hell fucked out of their sweet asses. Taking a look at those gorgeous tight assholes, I can see why everyone else is after them too. This is a fetish themed set with some light bondage, a bit of spanking, but mostly a lot of hardcore action that will keep you transfixed to the screen. I could not take my eyes off of these two, especially once the ass fucking started. They keep it nice and tight on the action so you don't have to miss anything too.

Wild Gay Fetish Scene with Bondage

Duration: 27m, 7s, Starring Ion Man, Lucas Lucky

(233 Votes)

Now this is an impressive looking set up - there is leather and chains everywhere you look, and as Ion Man walks in the room in his wicked looking leather outfit you see his sub laying on the table, just waiting to get whipped. He's in stocks, so he can't move what so ever - poor Lucas Lucky. He takes all sorts of hard whips to the ass, along with lots of long and lingering caresses. He also has designs on that ass of Lucas's - there is no way that guy is getting out of the stocks before Ion has a chance to fuck the hell out of him.

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