Petr And Veno Take Turns Pleasing At The Wine Shop

Duration: 19m, 48s, Starring Petr Bartonicek, Veno Gould

(664 Votes)

Tastings can be intense things to be a part of. Petr Bartonicek and Veno Gould just got their distillery off the ground and they're pretty sure they've got a winning brew. Since they've just finished bottling their first release they wanted to celebrate with a drink. And as the first one went down, the second followed with some impressive speed. Then a third. Suddenly Veno is willing to say what he's wanted to say since he started this venture, but he's saying it directly into Petr's cock while it's in his mouth.

Jiri Rides Radek's Cock While He Jerks His Own Hard Schlong

Duration: 24m, 54s, Starring Jiri Sulik

(530 Votes)

Extremely attractive European gay couple Radek and Jiri are thinking about going out for the evening, but instead they decide to stay home and suck each others' dicks! Jiri still wants to go out, so to seal the deal, Radek bends over and starts sucking his boyfriend's dick. Jiri has got a nice long prick, and Radek gags slightly every time that it hits the back of his throat! Pale skinned Jiri gives his boyfriend a return cocksucking, and then, pulling off his clothes with one hand, he lowers his ass hole down on his boyfriend's shaft. He rides it in reverse cow boy, jerking his own long cock and rubbing his balls while he takes it anally.

Three Incredible Cocks On These Horny Gay Threesome Fuckers

Duration: 23m, 58s, Starring Daniel Gero, Marek Dvorak, Veno Gould

(259 Votes)

There are some magnificent bodies and even more magnificent cocks in this European gay threesome! At first, younger stud Venos and Daniel sit on either side of well hung stud Marek, who has got a huge smile on his face as he receives a sloppy double blow job from the two younger men. Then all hell breaks loose, with these guys swapping around wilfully from each others' mouths to their assholes. Daniel turns out to be the most submissive dude of the three, getting reamed in his ass and also taking the shitty cocks in his mouth, cleaning them off and relubricating them with his throat with no thought for health or safety.

Jose Scott Sucks Martin Filip's Big Cock

Duration: 27m, 4s, Starring Martin Filip

(396 Votes)

Jose Scott and Marin Filip are new room mates with a taste for cock. It's all they ever talk about, who they fucked, who's good in the sack, who has the bigger dick. They met at a gay club and it's been kismet ever since. If for any reason they come home alone they have an arrangement where they'll just fuck one another. It doesn't take much coaxing from either of them to get the other shirtless and making out, and from there it's just a short rim-job away from some serious anal drilling. It keeps them smiling.

Blond Twink Nicholas Has His Ass Ruined By Two Hung Fuckers

Duration: 23m, 22s, Starring Nicholas Clay, Petr Bartonicek, Petr N

(397 Votes)

As soon as you see handsome young studs Petr, Petr and Nicholas, you will be able to identify which one is the submissive bottom clearly it's blond twink Nicholas! As always, the dyed blond hair is a surefire sign of a receptive anal slut, and Nicholas certainly doesn't disappoint as he sucks and gets fucked by his two comrades. They go quite wild on him, and at some points Nicholas looks like he wants his buddies to slow down, but the other two men quickly work each other into a frenzy and there is nothing Nicholas can do to stop them! He moans as his ass gets ruined by the two well hung fuckers, who also ejaculate on his face.

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