Hot Sexy Gay Nicely Plays With A Sex Dildo

Duration: 18m, 18s, Starring Carter

(186 Votes)

If you were wondering what gay football fans were like, especially in Britain, you're in for a treat. We've got Carter here on film about to show you everything a regular lad wants to do before, during and after the game with all his other mates. He's going to let you watch as he strips, but that's not where he's going to stop. Once he's totally naked and spread eagle for the camera he takes hold of his massive member and gives it a good shake to get it hard. Once he's rigid, he starts diddling his ass.

Chase Shows Off His Little Twink Nipples And Body

Duration: 17m, 7s, Starring Chase

(335 Votes)

Chase has been working at a very strange martial art for years. It's an odd thing to want to do, but he's learned to propel his man-seed with such power that it could actually take your eye out. He's claiming that it can, upon impact, either pop the eye or propel it from the socket. He's worked his testicles so hard that they're now considered a weapon. Not a deadly one mind you, but certainly one to be careful of. Since he's gay, his main concern if blowing someone's colon up, or blasting a uvula out.

Matthew Jacking Off Using A Vibration Ring

Duration: 19m, 47s, Starring Matthew

(141 Votes)

Matthew is stuck in London again, because he doesn't know how to handle his money. He's broke, and without a good bit of cash he can't get his ticket back out of town. He ran across a guy that was willing to pay for his ticket and then some if he was willing to make a video, so this is him getting a little naked and a little hard for the camera. To stay hard he's going to use a cock ring around the base of his massive prick. This English lad as brought more than a little breakfast sausage to the party.

Gorgeous Young Blond Twink Lenny Jacks His Long Thin Cock

Duration: 9m, 15s, Starring Lenny

(124 Votes)

What a God damn cutie! Lenny is a super hot young twink from England, with a gorgeous mop of blond hair. He's also got a charming, open smile - he really looks genuinely friendly and happy to be filmed on camera! It's his first time on film, but he is not that shy, stripping off on the sofa and showing off a surprisingly large dick. It's not that thick, but it is very long, with an impressively sized head that would definitely hurt as it was busting your ass hole open! He plays with his balls with one hand while he wanks himself with the other, pausing periodically to remove the precum from the head of his cock with his fingers.

Stuart Sucks On The Dick Of Charles And Balls

Duration: 8m, 23s, Starring Charles, Stuart

(113 Votes)

Charles and Stuart met out a club where Charles claimed to be the last of the mohicans. Seriously, that was his pick-up line. He was there for a punk show just like Stuart, but wanted a little something else after the show ended. Stuart came in from Bath, and when the younger man tried to pick him up with such a terrible line he knew he'd have an easy time plowing his tight little asshole if he played along. When they got back to Stuart's hotel room it didn't take any convincing to get Charles naked.

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