Horny Gay Couple Fucks For Hot Cum

Duration: 24m, 57s, Starring Andrey

(174 Votes)

It's always great to find some new love! This American guy was pen-pals with someone from Moscow, who let him know that not only could he meet his new boyfriend, he could watch them fuck as well! We get to see just what kind of passionate couple they are, as we see them hanging out around town, enjoying the sights and having some fun. Then we get to see them in one of their more private moments, as they give each other a rub down before giving each other a suck down when their cocks get stuffed down each other's throats. He gets on top of his man and spreads his asshole open, getting fucked deep and milking that stiff dick totally dry.

Checking Out Gay Sex In Moscow

Duration: 9m, 30s, Starring Andrey, Igor, Kamil, Misha, Zach Richards

(187 Votes)

This guy didn't go to Moscow strictly for the rich history and great architecture. He went there mainly to scope out the hot dudes there! He finds all the best hangouts around, and catches sexy dudes in the act, messing around and having fun. These guys here at the club were kissing and cuddling before their clothes started coming off. Then they really had something to eat! But that's nothing compared to the action he saw at the pool and in the sauna. These guys were letting their men float to get their dicks all the way down their throat, and in the sauna, they were getting their asses filled with hard pricks. What an awesome vacation!

Guy Watches Hardcore Gay Anal Threesome

Duration: 22m, 44s, Starring Andrey, Igor, Misha, Zach Richards

(242 Votes)

A good-looking young college guy comes back to his dorm room. Opening the door, he gets the surprise of his life when he sees his three roommates engaged in a steamy homosexual threesome. One of the guys is lying on his back on the couch while another boy holds himself in a press up position with his cock in the guy's mouth. The guy on top is sucking the third man's prick. The guy who just came home can't believe what's going on, but he feels a familiar twitching in his pants. Hiding behind the door, he pulls out his cock and masturbates while he watches his roommates getting it on, first with oral and then with a hardcore anal fuck.

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