Anal Loving Cross Dresser Andrija Is Surprisingly Feminine

Duration: 19m, 34s, Starring Andrija, Vlada

(242 Votes)

Even though he is not a shemale, cross dresser Andrija looks surprisingly feminine in lipstick, a feather boa and a bright red wig. He's also got superb cocksucking skills that show that he's certainly not a woman! Stud Vlada sits back and watches in satisfaction as the feminine cross dresser gives him a cocksucking that almost tears his dick right off - it's as if Andrija wants to swallow the shaft as well as the sperm! Slightly chubby Andrija bends over, sticking out his anus for a deep stroking as hung Vlada grips him firmly by the hips, pushing down on his lower back while he sodomizes him. Andrija insists on swallowing the sperm!

Cross Dressing Guys Examine Their Asses

Duration: 18m, 49s, Starring Andrija, Sasa

(171 Votes)

Sasa and Andrija are bored and lonely at home alone, so they call each other and get to talking. Both of them know if they get together they can cure their boredom and loneliness easily. To make things more interesting Sasa dresses up like a girl before coming over. Some stripped panties, a black bra and the silliest wig he could find are what he wears over to his good friend's house. It gets Andrija strangely aroused, and before you can say cross-dressing queers, dicks are getting sucked and asses are getting fingered!

Cross Dressing Queer Gagging On Giant Cock

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Aco, Andrija

(137 Votes)

Andrija and Aco have been roomies for a few months now and they're hitting that wall all lovers have to overcome once in a while. The sex just hasn't been hot lately, it's more like a chore in some ways and it's bothering them. To spice things up, Aco decides to give cross dressing a try, and it helps. Andrija always wanted to fuck a red-head, and the wig has got him hard and horny. Aco likes it too, as the bra and panties are way more binding than his regular clothes. It's getting him just as hot!

Horny Sissy Takes Some Extremely Rough And Nasty Anal Sex

Duration: 19m, 38s, Starring Erik, Sasha

(253 Votes)

Sasha is a hardcore queer, but his boyfriend Erik is bisexual. Sasha is afraid that he's straying and getting more interested in girls - so he decides to rein his man back in by dressing like a woman! Despite his stubble, Sasha looks remarkably feminine in a wig and lingerie - but his cocksucking skills are 100 gay! Erik gets nasty in this one, throwing poor Sasha around on the bed and treating him like a nasty fuck slut, especially during the deep and rough doggystyle anal. You can see Sasha's face screwing up in pain as he gets brutally sodomized, but he takes it like a champ - this horny sissy can really take some deep anal!

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