Foot Fetishists Have Sex On Weight Bench

Duration: 21m, 48s, Starring Chris Young, Jeremy Brooks

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Horny young athletes Chris and Jeremy are working out in the weight room before closing. The room is already dark and most of the lights have been turned off; the majority of the other gym members have already gone home. Laying down the barbells, the guys give each other some erotic foot massages, with plenty of great close-ups of the hands on the pretty feet. Of course, it's not just a massage that happens - the guys kiss and suck on each others' toes, and even get their cocks out for some horny footjob action! Once the dicks are this hard, nothing is going to do but some oral and deep anal fucking to finish on top of the weight bench.

Jujitsu Warmup Leads To Anal Cock Riding

Duration: 26m, 16s, Starring Jeremy Brooks, Luke Savage

(233 Votes)

Combat sports are just so fucking sexy! Young athletes and Luke and Jeremy are warming up on the mats in preparation for their jujitsu class - but the only grappling that is going to be happening today is of the anal variety! The two guys move closer and closer together as they stretch, finally rubbing their toned bodies on top of one another as their lips meet. They shed their sporting outfits, rolling around in to a hot 69 and fucking each others' mouths. They pull out a convenient bottle of lube, transitioning to anal sex in several different positions. The cocks on these guys are fucking huge - it's remarkable that they can take it!

Incredible Bodies On These Muscle Studs

Duration: 28m, 45s, Starring Jeremy Brooks, Kody Fields, Luke Savage

(326 Votes)

If you like your guys clean cut and muscular, this video is for you! A bunch of extremely toned and well muscled bodies are on display - in fact, these guys look like Greek gods! Most of the action happens in the gym, with a boxing lesson soon turning into some hardcore foot fetish and anal sex. Then the action switches to the weight room, with a couple of extremely handsome dudes taking advantage of the weight bench - but they use it to push their hard cocks into each others' tight sphincters, not to push weight! At the conclusion, an incredibly beefy dude with a fucking huge cock jacks himself off solo all over his own flat stomach.

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