Twink Anal Pounded By Shop Attendant

Duration: 18m, 34s, Starring Cory Adams

(78 Votes)

A young twink walks into the adult bookstore, but he's not looking to purchase pornography - he wants to get fucked in the ass by the burly bear of a shop attendant! The young stud signifies his submissive nature by attaching a tight, studded collar around his neck, flaunting his pale ass in front of the well hung, muscular bear. The bear, clad in a tight pair of leather pants, walks around to the other side of the counter, slapping the twink on the butt and starting to lube him up. The twink gets down on his hands and knees and the attendant, taking a look around to make sure that no one is about to walk on, pounds him savagely up the ass!

Gimp Mask Twink Fucked Up His Asshole

Duration: 19m, 15s, Starring

(72 Votes)

In this awesome gay leather fetish video, a tender young twink is enslaved by a bulky, dominating stud. The twink is ordered to get down on his hands and knees while his daddy ties a dog collar and chain around his neck. To complete this dehumanizing transformation, the twink has a leather gimp mask attached to his face. He blows the well hung, muscular man, and then it's back down on his hands and knees for some intense anal riding. He squeals from behind the mask as he gets powerfully butt fucked by the big cock guy, who revels in inflicting pain and humiliation on his submissive subject.

Hot Leather Clad Gays Get Kinky Outdoors

Duration: 20m, 33s, Starring Anthony Gallo

(116 Votes)

If you are a fan of sexy fetish outfits then you'll definitely get off to this gay threesome scene! In an exotic, private backyard setting, three dudes dressed in a variety of outfits get stuck into one another. One man is wearing a sexy leather waistcoat, while another is wearing a cap and a studded leather crossbelt. The guys take turns blowing each other, with each chap taking a turn at kneeling in the middle while the other two fuck his mouth. Then it's time for big cock anal sex as the men bend each other over and ride each others' ring holes. Leather clad gay anal sex doesn't really come much better than this!

Leather Fetish Gays Do Super Hard Anal

Duration: 16m, 21s, Starring Drew Andrews

(73 Votes)

In an erotic dungeon setting, two horny gay men go at it. One stud, wearing a kinky leather cap, lies back in a harness with his legs spread, lifting his heavy cock and full ball sack out of the way so that his buddy has uninterrupted access to his bottom. The other man licks his anus tenderly, flickering his tongue all around the butthole and then sticking it right inside. This is the lead up to a really hardcore ass fucking, as the ass licker bangs the cap wearing man hard in his rear end. You'll love watching the entire length of his thick shaft disappearing into the other man's ring; he really makes his lover moan and groan loudly!

Slave Anal Banged By Hung Leather Stud

Duration: 11m, 43s, Starring Drew Andrews, Jackson Phillips

(185 Votes)

In this fantasy gay sex movie, a studious blond man is working in the library. He is interrupted from his hard study by the arrival of a gorgeous, leather clad brunette man. He is helpless to resist the charms of the leather clad, dominant stud, stripping off and having a pair of clamps attached to his nipples. To really mark him as the submissive fuck slave that he is, the leather stud ties a dog collar around the blond man's throat, pulling him down by the chain onto his knees for some oral sex. Before you know it, the blond is lying flat on his back on the desk, jerking his prick as he gets butt fucked. This is some intense anal!

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