Hard Gay Ass Pounding In Garden Boots

Duration: 39m, 50s, Starring Marcos

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This horny guy's walk in the garden takes a saucy turn when he comes across his sexy Gardner leaning suggestively against the rough trunk of a huge tree. The two men tussle together, feeling each others well cut bodies lustfully. Marcos pushes his Gardner down south, where he begins to suck heartily on his boss cock. Getting down on all fours, Marcos gets his butt hole licked and his dick pulled back. He switches over and has a taste of his Gardner's hairy ass, then plunges his schlong inside that sweet hot sphincter. The Gardner's boot clad feet wave around as his boss pumps his ass, then they come together, both spurting hot cum everywhere.

Hot Gardener Provides Extra Services

Duration: 37m, 53s, Starring Jose Cabrera

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There's just something so attractive about workmen! Perhaps it's the fact that they have a good honest job or that they have hot bodies well honed from a lifetime of manual labour, but workmen are hot! The sexy gardener is doing the weeds in the garden, getting nice and sweaty. His employer walks up behind him, surprising him and then telling him to put down his tools. Soon the horny guys are sucking each others' cocks in the shade underneath a tree. Then there is mutual anal sex both ways, as the gardener takes it in his ass and then fucks his own employer right up the butthole. Hopefully the gardener gets paid extra for the service!

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