Horny Cocksucker Loves Being Sodomized

Duration: 24m, 51s, Starring Jason Merdock, Phil Bucan, Tom Forsythe

(206 Votes)

After an exhilarating afternoon of riding their motorcycles, horny young dudes Phil, Tom and Jason have an erotic threesome back at the clubhouse. It turns out that young Jason is the most eager cocksucker of the group, getting down on his knees with no prompting and inviting both of the other men to fuck his mouth. Some guys don't like being drilled hard in the throat, but Jason adores gagging on a thick cock - and preferably more than one! Then the two men take turns doing him in his ass, bending him over the back of the sofa so that his ass is stuck up in the air and his face is pushed down in the cushions while they sodomize him.

Sexy Studs Enjoying the Weather

Duration: 14m, 54s, Starring Mark Reynolds, Shawn Weldon

(332 Votes)

Shawn Weldon and Mark Reynolds are sexy studs who are absolutely loving the weather right now. These guys are all over each other, letting their tongues do the talking. They find a somewhat secluded area to get themselves into, although they know that they might be caught at any time. As they start caressing their hard, muscular bodies, their dicks begin to get harder and harder. They can't help themselves, they just have to fuck under the sun, getting more and more worked up that they want to bust a nut right there.

Muscle Workout Turns To Hot Ass Training

Duration: 13m, 43s, Starring Rico Suave, Shawn Weldon

(290 Votes)

Mouth-watering Latino stud Rico Suave is helping blond athlete Shawn with his weight training - and then he decides to give him some extra training, right in the ass! As Shawn puts down the weights, Rico unzips his own fly and sticks his cock into the blond man's mouth. Clean-shaven Shawn is gagging for dick, eagerly taking the whole thing into his mouth and moaning as it hits the back of his throat. Shawn willingly bends over the weight bench, sticking out his tight, toned butt and looking back over his shoulder at the Latino, begging for penetration. Rico spits on the other man's ring piece before he roughly shoves himself up his butt!

Bikers Take On Three Young College Bois

Duration: 18m, 56s, Starring Alex Charger, Jason Merdock, Marcel Oliver, Steve Oriet

(262 Votes)

When a couple of sexy older bikers comes across a bunch of young college guys sitting around a fire in a field, they know that they have got a golden opportunity to tear open some virtually virginal ass. These young studs are a bit nervous in front of the dominant older men, although they are quickly convinced to strip - they just need to be told what to do! The two bikers take turns riding each of these three young dudes in the ass, teaching them everything that they know about anal sex. Although it hurts the young guys - they're not used to being plugged so good - soon they are begging to be the one who gets done in the butt next!

Hot Latino Stretched In His Brown Butt

Duration: 15m, 13s, Starring Mark Reynolds, Rico Suave

(201 Votes)

At an anonymous gay bathhouse, married businessman Mark Reynolds hooks up with sexy Latino fuck slut Rico Suave. The two men wordlessly eye each other up and down, taking in each others' rock hard, muscular bodies and thick, shaved cocks. Oral sex is the order of the day to begin with, with dick hungry Mark going down on Rico and giving him a fantastic blow job; then Rico returns the favor, giving just as good as he got. Rico leans over, placing both hands on a low bench and sticking out his tight ass for a fucking; Mark enters him from the back, starting slow but quickly picking up speed until he is really pounding that tight brown butt!

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