Big Bike Race Leads To Big Gay Butt Fuck

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring Bruce Vendee, Olivier Christ

(217 Votes)

Start your engines, er I mean peddles. Bruce Vendee and Olivier Christ are taking part in the biggest bike race in town. Everything is smooth sailing until one of the guys wipes out and needs some serious attention. His hard cock is the first thing to stand at attention for this hot and helpful stud that lends a hand... literally. These two hung studs trade hot blowjobs, wet ass lickings, and tight ass fuckings, all in the name of good sportsmanship. Things culminate with a couple of hot loads of cum flying from their cocks to cross the finish line.

Hiker And Cyclist Meet Up In The Woods

Duration: 17m, 21s, Starring Pat Patrick, Thery Donaldson

(125 Votes)

Backpacker Pat Patrick hikes through the woods,and he comes out into a clearing where he's met by bicyclist Thery Donaldson. Pat gives Thery some of his water, and the men walk over to a scenic pond. They're overcome by the beautiful scenery and being kissing each other deeply, and Pat slides down Thery's body while pulling down his shorts to suck his hard cock. Thery kneels to blow Pat, and the men give each other rim jobs before Pat lays down to take it up the ass doggy style. Pat then shoots his cum all over Thery's ass.

Race Officials Pass time With Hot Sex

Duration: 24m, 36s, Starring Jean Cadeau, Sebastian Calais

(101 Votes)

Bicycle officials Jean Cadeau and Sebastian Calais are bored waiting for the racers to reach their checkpoint, so they adjourn into a maintenance closet to pass the time. The make put passionately as they help each other strip, and Jean slides down Sebastian's body to suck his hard cock. Sebastian kneels to return the favor and suck Jean off, and the men 69 before Sebastian gets on his hands and knees to take it up the ass doggy style. Jean blows his hot load all over Sebastian's ass, and Sebastian lays back to jerk his own cum all over his own stomach.

Gay Cyclists Race And Have Homo Sex

Duration: 15m, 24s, Starring Jeremie DuNord, Pete Erichson

(462 Votes)

Friends Jeremie DuNord and Pete Erichson compete in a bike race in the country-side, and the winner wants his spoils. They make their way to a blanket in the bushes and help each other undress, and Pete kneels in front of Jeremy to suck his hard cock. Pete then slides down Jeremy's body to return the favor by blowing him, and Pete gets on his hands and knees to take it up the ass doggy style. Jeremy then straddles Pete's face and blows his hot load all over Pete's chest, and Pete jerks his own cum all over his own stomach.

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