Young Guy Jerks Himself During Hard Anal

Duration: 23m, 52s, Starring Lex Kyler, Michael Vista

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This horny young stud needs to get fucked by a real man! He seduces the older man of his choice, a balding and muscular man who really knows how to please. At first the older man is resistant but as soon as he sees the young buck in his underwear, his tight ass exposed through the fabric then he is sold on the idea of fucking this young ass. He gets a superior blow job from the eager and enthusiastic young man, who polishes the knob with his spit. Then he bends over for a fucking, taking it doggy and then missionary so that he can maintain eye contact with his new daddy. The young man continues to jerk his cock while he gets ass fucked.

Two Guys Have Hot Fun With A Toy And Their Cocks

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Justin Case, Scott Craven

(101 Votes)

Although this gay sex scene between Scott Craven and Justin Case starts out normal enough, but you have to keep on watching to see a great part that you rarely see in gay porn. These guys whip out a rather impressive looking sword dildo that will make anyone's ass pucker up in anticipation. These guys go hard and fast with each other, and that dildo gets inserted into both of them. Gay insertion porn is pretty rare, so it's nice to see them working toys into their great fucking scene. It left them both very satisfied.

Submissive Gay Gets Bent Over A Counter

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Jay Huntington, Scott Mann

(242 Votes)

This submissive queer is desperate for some man meat in his ass! He makes the mistake of bending over in front of his much larger and more muscular buddy, who immediately takes a liking to that cute young ass. The muscle stud pulls down the smaller man's underpants, shaming him by revealing his small and pathetic cock and balls. However, it's the buttocks and that sweet sphincter in between them that the muscle stud is interested in, bending his new fuck buddy over on the counter and entering him from the rear. There are some fantastic shots looking up from the ground as the muscle stud's big cock slides in and out of the other man's ass.

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