Most Popular Guy Anally Slams The Nerd

Duration: 26m, 58s, Starring Jay Ray, PG Nasty

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The school nerd is extremely nervous when he hears the front doorbell ring; it's one of the hottest guys in school, and the nerd doesn't even know whether he is gay or straight! The geek playfully pulls out the video camera, trying to coax the stud into getting naked; much to the nerd's surprise, the football hunk immediately gets down to his underpants, giving the nerd a prime view of his cock and balls in his underpants! This is all the signal that the geek needs, and he leads his new buddy by the hand in to his parent's bedroom, where they get down on the bed for some cocksucking. Soon the geek is getting what he needs - hardcore anal!

Skinny Big Cock Twink Fists His Own Ass

Duration: 10m, 43s, Starring

(297 Votes)

Despite his youthful charm and skinny body, young buck Matt has got a surprisingly big cock that will make your mouth water! He is also not shy, stripping and showing an extremely toned body as he starts to masturbate. Some guys like to make bold eye contact with the camera, but instead Matt lies back and closes his eyes, fantasizing as he strokes his long prick from the base to tip. Then he lifts his ankles up around his ears, spreading his ass cheeks and virtually fisting himself with one hand will he continues to pump his cock with the other. You just know that this hot little twink would be an absolutely wild fuck in the sack!

Long Haired Tom Loves To Get Penetrated

Duration: 24m, 51s, Starring Adam Blank, Tom Luis

(257 Votes)

It's funny, but some guys just love to get slammed in the butt! Even though it feels so good sliding your big cock in and out of a submissive dude's ass, some guys love to be the one who is getting penetrated! Such is the case for long haired stud Tom, who strips off with two of his buddies in the jacuzzi. He immediately puts himself in to the submissive position, holding his head just above the water while his two friends perch on the edge of the pool, having their cocks sucked by their skinny friend. The guys heads to the bedroom, where the two dominant alpha males pound Tom in his mouth and his little sphincter, spit roast style.

Experienced Gay Shows Friend The Ropes

Duration: 12m, 40s, Starring Axel Johnson, Tyler kross

(304 Votes)

Despite the fact that he is only 18 years old, sexy big cock twink Axel is an experienced fucker. He loves taking it in the ass, even though he's got a big dick that would be perfect for slamming a butt; some guys are just natural born bottoms! He has met a new guy at school, cute stud Tyler, who is a horny gay but inexperienced in practical matters of sex. It's lucky for him that he has met a considerate teacher like Axel, who is willing to show Tyler the ropes of how to suck cock - and how to fuck a guy in the ass! You'll love watching Axel bouncing his sphincter up and down on Tyler's prick while his own thick erection flops around.

Emo Gays Enjoys Slow Sensual Anal Sex

Duration: 17m, 2s, Starring Ashton Gore, Videl

(2246 Votes)

Skinny emo twinks Videl and Ashton Gore have a hot anal fuck in this steamy butt sex video. These guys are so skinny that they're almost anorexic, with long, died blond emo haircuts. However, despite their slender stature, both men have got decent sized cocks - and they really know how to use their hands, mouth and assholes to get each other off! After the mandatory cocksucking to get warmed up, Videl bends over on the bed, burying his face in the pillows and holding his buttocks open for his man Ashton. Ashton takes his time entering Videl's butt, spitting on the anus a couple of times for added lube so that he can start a good thrusting.

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