Young Football Stud Fucked In Virgin Ass

Duration: 18m, 15s, Starring Eric DiGiorgio, Scott Nails

(85 Votes)

These two football studs end up getting naked on the couch one day after practice. One guy is younger and a bit shy, not really sure of his homosexuality yet. The other guy, a bit older and a bit more dominant, leads his younger companion through his first anal experience. He guides the younger guy's head down towards his cock, firmly holding him by the back of the neck while he fucks the young guy's mouth. Then he lays him down on the couch, gently spread his legs and fingering his ass hole before he penetrates him with his turgid penis. That ass is so tight it's not long before he cums right inside, while the younger guy jerks off.

Hunky Gay Amateurs Fucking in Towels

Duration: 17m, 48s, Starring Casey O'Brian, Chris Stone

(239 Votes)

I don't know what it is, but these guys really get into each other no matter where they are. It's the time of spontaneous sex that is really fun to watch, and I really enjoy seeing them going at each other. Chris Stone and Casey O'Brien start off with a bit of kissing and licking, but they finish off with a big bang - right in each other's asses. I would watch their butts all day, that's for sure. Those tight booties are simply amazing, and I bet they are rock hard if you would go to play with them.

Hunky Amateur Guys Sucking Each Other

Duration: 16m, 53s, Starring Sal Antonio, Tony Brendon

(98 Votes)

Tony Brendon and Sal Antonio are not the type of guys that you would suspect being gay - and that's what makes them even hotter. I love watching the way they tenderly caress each other, working off their jeans a bit at a time. The anticipation really gets me horny, so when they finally start to pull out each other's cocks it's like a big reward. They bend each other over and really enjoy their cocks deep inside of each other's asses, moaning and pushing up against each other. Now that's what I love to see.

Cute Amateur Gay Coeds Fucking on Couch

Duration: 16m, 4s, Starring Christian Scott, Corey Scott

(58 Votes)

I don't know what it is, but it seems like gay dudes don't want to wait until they get back to the bedroom. Corey Scott and Christian Scott, who aren't related regardless of their last name, start in on each other right on the couch. They start off slow, just making out with each other, but then they get more and more intense. They strip each other down and start exploring each other's bodies, working their fingers slowly along their tight chests and tight asses...working down to their big, throbbing dicks.

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