Young Toy Boy Ass Fucked By Millionaire

Duration: 24m, 41s, Starring Luigi, Mario

(507 Votes)

A millionaire playboy takes his young toy boy off to his mountain retreat for a hot and steamy weekend of horny sucking and fucking. One time when the guys are having sex, they begin sitting out on the balcony, overlooking the beautiful mountain vista. They draw each other closer, meeting in a passionate kiss. Soon they are peeling off each others' clothes and they drag each other into the bedroom. Falling onto the bed, the toy boy takes his master's penis into his mouth and sucks. He slurps it good and hard, sliding his lips right down to the base of the shaft and tickling it with back of his throat. Then he bends over to receive anal.

Nature Walk Turns Into GayThreesome

Duration: 22m, 55s, Starring Giovanni, Lil Timmy, Tom Henry

(465 Votes)

There is something in the air as Giovanni, Lil Timmy, and Tom Henry walk along the paths that wind through the woods. Apparently this makes them get nasty as hell with each other, starting with these bulky guys stripping down and throwing their clothes off into the grass. They find a blanket eventually, and then the threesome gets even hotter, with dicks getting shoved into every orifice available. The best part is when they have Timmy in the middle, getting his dick sucked while he is going crazy on Giovanni's cock.

Horny Euro Hunks in Gay Foursome

Duration: 20m, 34s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Giovanni, Gunter, Harold

(506 Votes)

Fernando Nielsen, Giovanni, Gunter, and Harold are not in the mood for some sort of cut and dry gay fucking - oh hell no, they want to spice things up with the best gay group sex they have ever experienced. They are a hot mix of Euro guys. All of them are well muscled, and they also have nice big dicks. However you have some of them sporting the smooth look, awhile others are more than happy with showing off their hairy bodies. It doesn't matter which look they have, they are all fucking hot in this scene.

Four Soldiers Commended With Gay Fucking

Duration: 27m, 17s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Forrest Hunter, Giovanni, Jeem

(593 Votes)

After thanking his top comrades for a good job, and after dismissing the others, they all get down in the briefing room, stroking each other's meaty dicks and rubbing their assholes. It was an all-out gay foursome, as each dick was brought to full attention with hands and mouths running their way all the way up and down each shaft. When the cocks were stiff enough, it was time to push them deep into assholes, where each guy got banged up his poop chute with every last inch of dick that could fit up there. They even started a hot ass fucking train, so every guy got a chance to get his prick squeezed by an asshole, and every guy got to cum.

Euro Gay Threesome with Big Dicks

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring Bob Johnson, Dave A., Giovanni

(255 Votes)

Giovanni, Dave A. and Bob Johnson are in for a memorable time today. This is a medieval themed gay porno, which means this is smack dab in the middle of a gay uniform porn scene. They love to go at each other, by they start off by feeding grapes to each other. There is also watermelon in there, however I don't think that that is usually what ends up going on in the good old days. However what does go on well is the fact that they end up in a fucking wild gay threesome, throwing aside the robes and going to town.

Saying Goodbye With Hard Gay Sex

Duration: 25m, 27s, Starring Forrest Hunter, Giovanni, Gunter, Todd Hall

(673 Votes)

Saying goodbye is always a tough thing, as these two were getting ready to go on their plane voyage. But they decided that they couldn't part with just a handshake. In fact, that's when all four guys started kissing each other and rubbing their hard bodies! They whipped out each other's cocks right there on the runway, slurping and drooling all over the dicks while kneeling on the grass. They went inside the shed to continue this action, sucking and fucking each other in an amazing fourway. Cocks were finding their way into tight asses, while the one getting fucked was getting sucked off, as everyone got some action and shot their load.

Hardcore Gay Orgy With Six Soldiers

Duration: 22m, 51s, Starring Bryan Cox, Frank Howard, Giovanni, Gunter, Luciano

(325 Votes)

These gunslinging guys were doing well with their afternoon at the shooting range, perfecting their shot in the military. When they returned back to their quarters, the only guns they were thinking about were the ones that shot loads of hot man goo from between their legs! There was a massive military orgy going on, featuring six guys who were horny, and loved the taste and feel of dick! Each rigid cock went from mouth to mouth until every last one of them were rock hard. That's of course when the ass fucking commenced! They lined up and slammed one lucky guy one by one, until every last cock was drained of all its sticky sperm.

Gay Studs Going Nuts in the Hot Tub

Duration: 12m, 15s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Giovanni, Luciano Endino, Richard Ellwood, Vic Smalls

(491 Votes)

The hot tub is always a perfect choice for gay guys fucking, and when you need somewhere to fit four of them that's the logical choice. The scene starts off with Fernando Nielsen and Giovanni in the hot tub, getting those dicks nice and hard. Vic Smalls and Richard Ellwood are right outside of the hot tub room, and they are getting nasty as well. Before long they end up joining each other, getting wet and wild in the middle of that bubbling hot tub, with dicks flying everywhere and mouths getting stuffed.

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