Aaron And Walter Spank, Suck, And Fuck

Duration: 17m, 13s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Walter Domingo

(106 Votes)

Handsome Aaron Carpenter and Walter Domingo undress before Walter lays across Aaron's lap. Aaron spanks Walter's bare ass again and again, and the men switch so Walter can paddle Aaron's butt. Walter then leans over to suck Aaron's hard cock, and he blows him long and hard before Aaron lays beside him to fuck him up the ass while spooning him. Walter rides Aaron anal cowboy, and he gets on his hands and knees to have his butt hole reamed doggy style. Aaron finally blows his hot load into Walter's willing mouth.

Ass Spanking Leads To Anal Sex

Duration: 17m, 24s, Starring Mark Urban, Walter Domingo

(96 Votes)

Cute brunette boys Mark Urban and Walter Domingo sits beside one another on the couch. They both strip naked, and Walter lays across Mark's lap so that Mark can spank him. Mark smacks Walter's bare ass again and again, making it nice and pink as Walter moans in pleasure. The men switch positions, and it's Walter's turn to paddle Mark's behind. Walter then sucks Mark's hard cock, and Mark fucks Walter up the ass while spooning him. Walter lays back to have his butt plugged missionary, and he takes it anal doggy style before mark blows his load in Walter's mouth.

Andrew and Charles Spank Each Other

Duration: 18m, 7s, Starring Andrew Towers, Charles Hardy

(99 Votes)

Andrew and Charles are hungrily kissing and massaging each others bodies. Once naked Andrew lays across Charles' lap and gets a hard rough slapping on his ass, turning him on even more. Needing to give Charles a beating in return he lays him over his knee and beats his ass rubbing it in between each slap. Andrew lubes up Charles' cock with his warm wet mouth, getting it dripping wet so that it will slide easily into his tight ass. As he gets pounded hard and fast, with his legs on Charles' shoulders and his ass in the air until he is ready to cum.

Bad Gay Men Get A Naughty Spanking

Duration: 16m, 21s, Starring Andrew Towers, Tony

(154 Votes)

Two gay men are making out on a couch and stripping off their clothes, Tony lays across Andrews lap and gets a spanking for being such a bad boy. Andrew starts lightly hitting his cheeks and massaging away the pain, then they switch positions and Andrew gets a taste of his own medicine. Andrew takes Tony's cock in his mouth, slowly lowering his mouth taking him deeper down his throat. Spooning behind Andrew, Tony slips his cock into his tight ass, grinding his hips against his cheeks. When Tony is ready to blow Andrew opens his mouth to catch the explosion.

Gay Men Mark and Andrew Mess Up a Chair

Duration: 19m, 8s, Starring Andrew Towers, Mark Urban

(189 Votes)

Mark Urban and Andrew Towers are sitting a chair running hteir hands all over each other then removing their own clothing to sit naked. One guy leans over and uses his tongue and mouth to make the other dick harden as he cups his hand around his balls. Once his cock in nice and wet he bends the other guy over and mounts him from behind, sliding his cock deep inside his ass. Making him sit back and enjoy he straddles his lap and rides him like a cowboy before turning around to reverse his position. With his legs on his shoulders and his ass in the air he gets thrusted hard and fast.

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