Submissive Guy Creampied In His Asshole

Duration: 18m, 36s, Starring Andrew Towers, Nathan Rivera

(152 Votes)

Despite his incipient bald spot, brown skinned stud Nathan Riviera is still hot and young. He is also extremely submissive and loves nothing more than to suck a man's dick - that is, apart from getting fucked in the ass by his boyfriend Andrew Towers! Nathan seems like he is addicted the cock as he gobbles down his buddy's dribbling shaft and then takes it hard in his butt. It's so big that it barely fits inside his anus and Nathan squeals like a pig, burying his face in the mattress to try and stifle his screams of both pain and pleasure. After a relentless ass plugging, Nathan receives a sticky anal creampie that dribbles down his thigh.

Hairy Cocksucker Tony Anally Creampied

Duration: 18m, 29s, Starring Chip Lawson, Tony Milan

(85 Votes)

Hairy and submissive cocksucker Tony Milan has scored himself another young stud. The clip begins with the two men sitting on the sofa, and then Tony unzips the pants of his new stud, Chip Lawson. Hairy Tony blows Chip for all he is worth, gobbling down that sweet cock as if he wants to choke on it. Next he impales himself anally, lying on his side with one leg raised while Chip plugs him from the rear. Chip wants more control of the penetration so he pushes Tony up into doggystyle, holding his buttocks apart and ramming the entire length of his penis up Tony's bum until he explodes. The semen dribbles out of Tony's hairy crack.

Cute Ethnic Guy Sucks For Anal Creampie

Duration: 17m, 48s, Starring Billy Abbott, Nathan Rivera

(154 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to have yourself a horny ethnic boyfriend who loves to suck cock? That's exactly what this hot white stud has got! At the beginning of the scene the white guy is sitting on the couch while his ethnic boyfriend blows him submissively. This brown skinned wonder has got amazing cocksucking lips and he really knows how to work that dick, and it's surprising that his boyfriend doesn't blow in his mouth right then and there! However, before he gets a mouthful of semen, the enthnic sucker bends over and begs for anal. That's exactly what he gets, as he gets roughly pounded in his poo chute and receives an anal creampie.

Hairy Gay Gets Ass Full Of Hot Semen

Duration: 17m, 1s, Starring Andrew Towers, Tony Milan

(83 Votes)

This horny guy wants nothing more than a stiff cock in his ass and an anal creampie! He doesn't care who does it, picking up a random, good-looking young stud at the bar and taking him back to his house. The other guy is quite surprised at how forward this horny cocksucker is, but he's not about to complain as the older man swallows his cock, getting it hard and lubricated for his anus. The young stud doesn't have to do a thing as the hairy, older man lowers his sphincter down on the pole and begins to ride it. He loves to be disciplined, rolling over into doggy and begging for it harder and deeper in his butt. He gets an ass full of semen.

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