South American Gays Have Sweaty Anal Sex

Duration: 21m, 30s, Starring David Maya, Hunter Corbin

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Two hot South American studs, one black and one white, go home with each other after a night of dancing. They are both gagging for sex and feeling adventurous. Tearing off one another's clothes, they warm each other up with some hot mutual oral sex. The caucasian goes down on the black guy first, choosing to submit to his nubian brother's advances. Later, the caucasian man bends over, presenting his sphincter for penetration. However, the action swings both ways, as the black guy gets fucked in his own anus too, squealing from the unaccustomed pounding. Two massive cum explosions complete the scene.

Two Horny Interracial Gays Cum All Over

Duration: 19m, 46s, Starring Carlos Edwards, Kadu Martins

(557 Votes)

These two horny studs can't wait to get to work on each others pricks. Carlos Edwards and Kadu Martins start making out, but they just can't keep their hands off of each other. Carlos starts to work on Kadu's big black rod, making it stiff as a board as he slides his tongue all over his thick shaft. Then Kadu takes a turn sucking on the other stud's cock before he moves down to lick his asshole. The submissive Carlos bends right over so that his tight asshole can be fucked hard enough that it makes them both bust a nut.

Two Steamy Gay Guys Lick And Fuck Ass

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Bruno Stigmata, Javier

(261 Votes)

These two are already moaning as they kiss and rub each other's hard twink bodies together, while they strip off their clothes to get at each other's dicks. One drops down to his knees to run his tongue and his lips up and down the other's swelling member, getting his pecker all lubed up. Then he bends over and gives his boy a face full of his asshole before his own gets licked in preparation for some deep penetration. He takes him all the way inside his butt, and then sits on his dick to get it as deep inside his colon as it can get. He then gets to fuck his buddy's ass, ramming him deep and spilling his jizz all over his chest.

Little White Guy Reamed By Powerful Stud

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Bruno Stigmata, Pablo Montejo

(241 Votes)

This little white guy loves to get ass fucked! Once again, he finds himself in a stranger's bedroom after a night out at the bar. He has a penchant for black men, whom he sees as exotic and dangerous. He gets a sexy thril from sucking a black man's cock, letting the larger and more dominant black male throat fuck him like a little bitch. Then he gets ass fucked from multiple positions, squashed and folded into all kinds of uncomfortable angles on the bed. Soon his ass is raw, sore and gaping from the protracted and vigorous pounding - there's hardly any lube used, either! Both studs cover each other with their spraying spunk loads.

Muscular Black Ass Pounds Small Whitey

Duration: 18m, 22s, Starring Javier, Marcos Boy

(236 Votes)

When two men love each other, there's no limit to what they'll do to give each other sexual satisfaction. This romantic couple spend a lazy Sunday afternoon rolling around on the bed, dressed only in their underpants. Soon they can ignore the throbbing bulges in their underwear no longer, getting completely nude for some hot oral and 69ing. Then the white guy of the couple offers up his anus, pulling his butt cheeks apart to expose his brown starfish and looking back seductively over his shoulder at his brown companion. He gets a hardcore ass fucking, groaning as he gets deeply penetrated while simultaneously being given the reach around.

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