Little Dick Guy Gets Deep Ass Pounding

Duration: 18m, 55s, Starring Diego Villalobos, Eric Westford

(813 Votes)

These two horny homosexuals hook up with the express purpose of licking each others' asses. These two good-looking guys can't wait to get their tongues all over each others' filthy holes. They take turns, bending over in front of each other and letting the other man lick their nasty ring pieces. One guy in particular moans as his partner prods his tongue gently in to his anus, and he turns out to be the one who gets ass fucked. You've got to see the climax of the scene, when he is riding the dick with his bottom, his own little penis wiggling around pathetically as his partner gives him the reach around while he bones his bum.

Ass Licking Gays Love Hard Anal Fucking

Duration: 21m, 45s, Starring Johnny Lava, Theo

(205 Votes)

Ah, the wonders of the Internet! Two horny guys hook up through a dating site, and they can't wait to get alone with each other in the apartment so that they can share their secret hobby - ass licking! These two butt lickers can't wait to get their sloppy tongues all over each others' ring pieces, and though use any implement necessary to try and instill the anal satisfaction that they know their partner craves. One guy, who keeps his beanie on during the entire scene, proves to be an expert cocksucker as well, taking his buddy's large cock in his mouth and sucking it until it's bulging and the veins are pulsing. Then he gets ass fucked!

Two Twinks Anal Licking And Dicking

Duration: 21m, 58s, Starring Jonny Feather, Manuel Ruggio

(373 Votes)

Jonny Feather and Manuel Ruggio are two very sexy twinks who can't seem to get enough of each other. They start making out, but they can't resist the urge to fuck. It's this steamy make out session that really causes their dicks to grow hard. Jonny can't take much more, so he slide's off the other guy's underwear and starts to tease him with his cock. Next, he spends a great deal of time licking and drooling all over Manuel's tight asshole. After a good long ass licking, Manuel bends right over and lets his ass milk Jonny's huge prick.

Two Twinks Can't Resist The Urge To Fuck

Duration: 19m, 44s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Omar Berry

(115 Votes)

How could you do anything but fuck when you're sitting on top of a hot twink? Aaron Carpenter and Omar Berry know that they can't resist the urge to get naked, so they don't waste any time. Soon Omar gets comfortable on the chair, while Aaron goes to the ground and starts to lick his boyfriend's ass. So it isn't long before these two start to get really turned on, and Omar bends over so Aaron can stick his tongue right up his asshole. Then it's time for Aaron to get a good dick sucking so he can pound his big cock right up inside Omar's tight hole.

Two Twinks Fuck Each Other's Asses

Duration: 21m, 2s, Starring Hugo, Theo Penny

(168 Votes)

These two hot gay guys just can't seem to keep their hands off of each other! They start by stripping each other down to nothing to get at each other's lickable assholes. After they take turns burying their faces in between their butt cheeks, they move on to their dicks to make sure that every inch of their shafts are swollen as much as possible. He gets on top of his boyfriend and pushes down on his pecker until every last inch is deep inside of his colon. Watch him spread his legs and drill him deep, pounding his balloon knot until he's ready to cum. Then he strokes his rod until it erupts hot milky lava all over his just fucked ass.

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