Three Guys Have Hot Orgy With Eachother

Duration: 18m, 1s, Starring Abram Rodriguez, Anthony Holloway, Bobby Golden

(809 Votes)

We start off wit three guys in a room and all three have their cocks out and are jerking off. We then flash to a scene where they are clad in leather and one of the guys is on his knees taking turns sucking the other two's dicks, at one point he even has both of them in his mouth at the same time. Before long they're all undressed and one guy is laying down, while another licks his ass hole and while he's getting his ass hole licked he's sucking the other guys dick. Before long one guy is getting fucked hard in the ass, and he's giving himself a hand job while he's sucking the third guys cock.

Gay Dungeon Sex Scene with Leather

Duration: 10m, 2s, Starring Christian Luke, Erik York, Michael Brandon, Scott Mann, Steve Pierce

(452 Votes)

Erik York gets led down to the dungeon by Scott Mann - they are met at the door by Michael Brandon, who is waiting for them masked and horny. A quick tryst happens right in the door way, but there are still other leather clad men that are just waiting for the action to start. Steve Pierce and Christian Luke all want a part of these submissive guys, and they are more than willing to sit there in a big dick group sex scene. I have to say that I was impressed by all of the dick sizes here. I wasn't expecting them to all be giant.

Leather Clad Men Having Gay Sex

Duration: 15m, 39s, Starring Michael Brandon, Steve Pierce

(573 Votes)

Michael Brandon and Steve Pierce have exactly the right body type to pull off the leather look. Most leather daddies are a hell of a lot older and hairier than these two, but their smooth, muscled bodies just pull it off perfectly. They start off with one hell of a dick sucking session - it's the type of dick sucking that makes you want to just get down on your knees and suck right along with them. Another leather man walks into the room and turns this into a leather filled threesome - now that sounds like a great idea.

Big Cocks Getting Fucked in Gay 3some

Duration: 15m, 37s, Starring Gura, Logan Reed, Tim Tyler

(475 Votes)

Logan Reed, Gura, and Tim Tyler are certainly in the mood for something fun today - and that fun involves them working their big dicks. They are in one of the weirdest colored rooms that I've ever seen though - it's all sorts of bright colors and everything else. One of the hotties here also has an uncut cock, which is something I just love seeing when it comes to gay porn. You have those guys just working their dicks all over the place, with one in the middle holding a dick in his mouth and getting pounded in the ass.

Four Gorgeous Gay Guys in Group Sex

Duration: 8m, 34s, Starring Bobby Golden, Gura, Michael Brandon, Robert Harvey

(336 Votes)

Now this looks like a setting for the ages. Michael Brandon is on the coffee table, stripping down and showing off his gorgeous body. His chest is nice and tight, and Bobby Golden doesn't even wait for him to take off his pants before he's going off after that dick. Gura makes his way on the table next, pulling Michael's hair and working his dick. Then finally Robert Harvey joins this bizarre gay group sex party, sauntering up and loving every second of it. They end up putting Michael through his paces and coating him in cum.

Kinky Gay Foursome with Big Dicks

Duration: 9m, 29s, Starring Bobby Golden, Gura, Michael Brandon, Robert Harvey

(651 Votes)

Michael Brandon, Bobby Golden, Gura, and Robert Harvey make every single scene they're in memorable - and I know that I would stare at them all fucking day long if I could. Their dicks are just giant, and they love playing with them. That isn't all they do though - there's no way that they could all sit in a room together and not start fucking each other. It ends up in a train position, with all of them standing together and feeling the thrusts get more and more intense as it passes through the line.

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