Atheletes Having A Hot Gay Threesome

Duration: 23m, 26s, Starring Adam Gosett, Nico Blade, Renato Bellagio

(163 Votes)

After coming back from a workout, there's nothing more to do then cool down with an all dick threesome. Renato Bellagio, Adam Gosett and Nico Blade stand together making out and stroking their big dicks. The submissive cocksucker slowly drops down to his knees and starts to gag on the dicks that are in front of him as the other two continue to have a hardcore make out session. While one dick stuffs the one guy's submissive ass, the other stud gets his dick sucked. In the end, the submissive hottie gets his chest covered in sticky spunk.

Sexy Gay Guys End Up Covered In Spunk

Duration: 24m, 54s, Starring Luciano Endino, Renato Bellagio

(467 Votes)

After some smoldering eye contact, these two studs go to find some more privacy. It isn't long before they start to strip each other down to let their peckers hang out. Luciano Endino and Renato Bellagio are ready to start fucking. One dude gets down on his knees and takes his friends big, pink prick inside his warm mouth. This scene is loaded with lots of anal fucking as well as dick sucking. These two hotties can't get enough of each other, so once they come for the first time, they do it again until they are finally beside each other letting out their sticky cum.

Arabian Dinner Turns To All Guy Fuckfest

Duration: 22m, 40s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Ray Phillips, Renato Bellagio, Samuel Galamb

(902 Votes)

So many sexy studs all in one room, all with rippling muscles and an appetite for cock. Two men leave the Arabian party, leaving their servants to pleasure the remaining guests. All six dudes bring their cocks out and everyone gets a taste. Mouths and tongues are everywhere! While some get sucked off, the remaining dudes stroke their cocks. Soon some men start bending over to take a dick in their tight assholes. There are trains of guys just fucking each other and enjoying how full their asses are as their buddies ram their cocks inside until everyone cums.

Day At the Beach With Three Sexy Studs

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Janos Volt, Leslie Manzel, Renato Bellagio

(198 Votes)

Janos Volt, Renato Bellagio and Leslie Manzel take a relaxing trip and go scuba diving. Once they reach the beach they won't be relaxing anymore, they'll be fucking. Their skin tight suits show off their hot bodies and huge pecker, which is just foreplay for these dudes. They find a secluded beach and one guy gets to work fucking his buddy's ass as he sucks on the other dude's thick dick. They fuck him hard, stretching his asshole. They love every minute together and this hot threesome ends with the submissive stud sucking each guys' pricks clean.

Four Sexy Gymnasts Have A Gay Orgy

Duration: 26m, 47s, Starring Fred Goldsmith, Ivan Mrozek, Mick Huston, Renato Bellagio

(318 Votes)

While two guys were studying in the living room, one of them got bent out of shape because he should have been worrying about gymnastics more than his studies. So he got flustered and went over there to get a piece of him. Not to fight him; to fuck him, of course! The other two guys couldn't watch them making out for long before they started messing around, and soon enough, it was a steamy gay foursome on the couches. Every prick came out to play, as they were being sucked stiff, and then guys were bent over to feel every inch up inside their assholes. Every last gymnast got to shoot his hot load all over each other.

Cocksucking Studs Have Lots Of Anal Sex

Duration: 22m, 4s, Starring Renato Bellagio, Sergio Foster, Tim Brensen

(402 Votes)

These dudes really want their privacy, so two guys follow their submissive friend to a different building. With one look, they get hard and he jumps to the ground to suck their cocks. His skinny body and wet mouth makes their dicks grow even harder so it doesn't take long before the guys switch places and start to suck on their little friend's big pecker too. They stand in a circle and jack off until they're almost ready to explode. Instead, they move to a different location and start a train of anal fucking. They end up standing close together and jerking off until their balls are empty.

Three Hot Handymen Get A Handful Of Cock

Duration: 20m, 19s, Starring Donald Jarrott, Renato Bellagio, Roberto Giorgio

(212 Votes)

After a hard day at work, these handymen are ready to show just how handy they really are. They start to feel each others big cocks rise right inside their pants, so they have no choice but to unleash them. One dude starts to suck on the others' big cock, gagging on it and letting his spit slide all down his shaft. Next, their buddy walks in, happy to see that he's not too late to get his own dick sucked. The submissive stud continues to choke on a dick as he gets his ass fucked hard. These guys pound their cocks into any hole they can find to empty the cum from their dicks.

Kinky Orgy Filled Only With Big Dicks

Duration: 18m, 26s, Starring Anthony Okamoto, Donald Jarrott, Gary Malkovich, Oliver Madsen, Renato Bellagio

(106 Votes)

This is one kinky scene that is very full of hot anal sex. There is no story to waste time, it is strictly five guys, Renato, Donald, Oliver, Anthony and Gary all chained up and ready to please. Two dicks are fucking two hot asses as they suck on a guy's cock. Huge, juicy dicks are being put in every available asshole. It's such an incredible set up that you have to see to believe. There is so much fucking going on everywhere, which means that it can only lead to a great amount of spunk to be unloaded from each thick prick.

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