Gay Cocksucking Turns To Hardcore Anal

Duration: 18m, 16s, Starring Chris Sterns, Dickie Martin

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These hardcore football hooligans have a dirty secret that they don't share with their redneck teammates - they are secret gay lovers! After a particularly trying game, they get back home and they can't wait to engage in some steamy oral sex and anal fucking. The submissive bottom chokes back his man's cock, hungrily slurping on that masculine pole before he bends over and spreads his own ass cheeks for penetration. His dominant partner holds his head down and rams his prick right into was friend's ass with no warming up whatsoever, merely spitting on the butthole first to sure that his engorged prick will fit inside easily.

Sexy Gay Studs Fuck And Swap Hot Cum

Duration: 19m, 39s, Starring Dickie Martin, Jeremy French

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This hairy guy wanted nothing more than to get his buddy's dick inside his mouth, balls deep, because then he knows it'll be as hard as can be when he pushes it inside his ass! That's why he's got the big smile on his face, as Dickie and Jeremy get ready for some hard butt fucking. After he shows how masterful he is at giving head, he shows that he's ready to take it up the ass. So he bends over and pushes back on his cock as every inch of the massive erection finds its way into his ass. He gets rolled to his back, and his legs are pinned to his ears as he's fucked until he cums in his mouth. And then they swap the sperm together!

Short Haired Stud Sucks & Fucks A Twin

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Martin Napals, Mike Droules

(111 Votes)

Their cocks were getting hard enough through their jeans, so imagine how rock hard Mike and Martin got once they opened them up to have some fun! The second it was unfurled, his buddy was wrapping his lips around his meaty member, licking and drooling all over it while stroking his cock to get it warm and hard. He wanted to make sure it was just the right size so he could feel it rub the walls of his ass once he bent over for it, and that's just what he got! He moaned loud once he penetrated him, and even louder when he was drilling for oil in his butt, as he squeezed him tight to make sure he came when it was time to finish him off.

Good Cocksucker Begs For Deep Anal Sex

Duration: 17m, 3s, Starring Martin Napals, Steven Barns

(161 Votes)

This horny and submissive cocksucker will do anything for his daddy. That includes taking his big dick in his mouth and swallowing it right down to the pubes! He's really good with his mouth, expertly using his lips and tongue to massage the prick to a full and bulging erection. He even brings his master to the point of orgasm over and over again, until there is a thick stream of creamy precum oozing out the end of the cock. He wants it in his butt, so he offers up his anus like a good little fuck slut should. You have to wonder if he regrets his decision, judging by the obscene anal fucking he receives from the big dick stud!

Horny Gay Amateurs Cumswapping

Duration: 20m, 22s, Starring Martin Depp, Martin Napals

(159 Votes)

Martin Depp and Martin Napals just love to spend time together - especially when it means they can end up swapping cum with each other. They start off with a blowjob, with Martin bouncing his head up and down on that thick dick. He moans and rubs Martin's head, loving the feel of that cock against the back of his throat. As he keeps on with it, they start kissing and rubbing at each other. Then the cum bursts out, and Martin and Martin start swapping it back and forth, loving the dirtiness of it.

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