Horny Stud Sucks And Fucks Two Guys

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Chuck Lang, Sol Stevens, Terry Fuller

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With hands all over each other's cocks and asses, these three guys couldn't wait to whip their clothes off so they could have a raunchy all male threesome on the couch! Chuck, Terry and Sol got their cocks ready for some messy blowjobs, as he made his way to each dick and sucked it up and down while the other two observed his handiwork. They got up so he could be sandwiched between them. As he bobbed his head up and down their peckers he got more and more excited, before offering up his asshole to them. Each cock found its way deep inside of his asshole, as he was pounded from both sides before his face was coated with all of their sticky jizz.

Horny Gays Have An Erotic Butthole Fuck

Duration: 22m, 31s, Starring Sudsee Barnes, Terry Fuller

(124 Votes)

Some guys just absolutely love to get fucked in the ass! These two hot gay studs meet up for a coffee one day and immediately hit it off. They go back home to see where things go, and it turns out that the guy with the darker hair of the two as an extremely eager cocksucker. He works his new friend's pole like never before, gripping it with both hands and spitting on it until it is totally slippery and his friend is moaning for release. Instead of sucking him off into his mouth, the dirty bottom lowers his butthole down on his friend's cock and starts to ride it. He gets savagely anally pumped by his friend until he receives a cum facial.

Steamy Gay Butt Fucking Threesome

Duration: 21m, 18s, Starring Bruce Willin, Chuck Lang, Terry Fuller

(318 Votes)

It's amazing that these three guys could fit in such a confined space, but that's because they wanted to be as close to each other as possible when they started whipping off each other's clothes! Chuck, Terry and Bruce were rubbing each other's dicks and asses through their pants and underwear, so as soon as they got the opening, they made sure to keep their mouths busy as well. After each cock got sucked stiff, they took turns banging his tight, hairy ass, opening it up as wide as they could to allow every inch of their schlong inside. He squeezed their peckers tight and milked every last drop of jizz out of their hoses.

Two Guys Fuck While On Vacation

Duration: 21m, 35s, Starring Paulo James, Rocco Petrucci

(148 Votes)

Rocco Petrucci met Paulo James while he was on vacation. He went back to Paulo's house where the two wasted no time. Paulo stripped then laid back and let Rocco give him head. Rocco knows how to suck that dick so he gave Paulo some amazing head before climbing up on top of him and riding that hard dick. He took it deep in his ass, bouncing on Paulo's cock while stroking his own. Paulo put him face down in the bed and drilled him hard until he came right in his ass. After his orgasm he jumped off and jerked Rocco's long cock until he came then both guys collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Two Guys Fuck And Suck Until They Cum

Duration: 18m, 18s, Starring Bruce Willin, Rocco Petrucci

(138 Votes)

Bruce Willin and Rocco Petrucci kissed and yanked each-others pants off. Rocco pulled his cock out and let Bruce jack him off and give him head. He blew him until he was throbbing hard then Rocco put Bruce on all fours and threw the meat at him. He fucked his ass so hard his balls were slapping against Bruce's ass. He rolled him over on his back and fucked him balls deep while he reached down and started rubbing his cock. Bruce's ass was so tight Rocco couldn't hold out very long so he pulled out and plastered hot jizz all over Bruce's chest.

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