Hard Anal Sex Gets In Way Of Homework

Duration: 13m, 15s, Starring Andrew Blaze, Jerod Stevens, Triton Rivers

(253 Votes)

The chemistry between these two young college roommates is electric. Whilst the nerdier stud of the two is trying to do his homework, his good-looking buddy does his exercises right next to the desk. It's impossible to concentrate on the boring computer work when there is a rock hard stud flexing his muscles right next to you! Soon the home work is abandoned as the guys get completely naked and suck each other off, gyrating in a hot 69 on the hard wooden floor. The muscular roommate straps on a condom and plows his buddy in the ass, making him spurt all over his own stomach from the direct prostate stimulation. He can hit it real good!

Class Lines Up To Fuck Heckler In Ass

Duration: 21m, 42s, Starring Adam Wolfe, Andrew Blaze, Blake, Jerod Stevens, Johnny Justice, Triton Rivers, Tully

(900 Votes)

You'd better not piss off this dominant student-teacher! As often happens in college classes, when this class sees there's a new teacher in charge, they hassle him and try to take over. However, this teacher isn't having any of that bullshit, dragging the worst offender to the front of the class, pulling down his pants and spanking him roughly in front of the other boys! Then he calls up the rest of the class, telling them to get their meatsticks out and to punish the heckler in his butt with their massive weiners! The teacher also joins the queue, getting his own satisfaction out of the young guy's tender, almost bleeding butthole.

Pro Wrestling Match Involves Anal Fuck

Duration: 5m, 12s, Starring Baron Long, Blake, Johnny Justice, Triton Rivers

(258 Votes)

This tag team pro wrestling match gets out of control! What starts off with the guys rolling around in their leotards, pressing their bodies against one other as they go for their submission moves, turns in to a four way fuck right in public! Somehow the leotards get ripped off, with the dudes showing their lean and muscular bodies. Of course, with that much toned flesh on display, soon the dicks are rock hard and the submissions are forgotten - that is, unless you count anal submission! The guys suck each others' cocks and fuck each other in the ass while the audience cheers - then they continue the action back in the changing room!

Strip Poker Turns To Jacuzzi Anal Sex

Duration: 26m, 5s, Starring Andrew Blaze, Johnny Justice, Triton Rivers, Tully

(268 Votes)

What starts off as an innocent game of strip poker on a Friday night soon turns into a hardcore oral and anal fuck fest! Once the clothes close start coming off, the cocks on these four well hung guys start getting hard, and soon the cards are laid aside in favor of far more enjoyable activities. At first the guys pair off on the sofas, getting down to some serious cocksucking action; then one couple retires to the bedroom whilst the other takes over lounge for some anal pumping fun. After the guys have opened up each others' asses, they all jump in to the spa pool, soaping each other up and jerking each others' dicks until they cum.

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