Lonely Gays Have Hot Anal Sex Threesome

Duration: 21m, 41s, Starring Alain Medio, Alexandre Pleintemps, James Girard, Stephane Longulieu

(322 Votes)

A lonely homosexual is standing next to the railway tracks, looking wistfully into the distance and dreaming about some hardcore anal sex. Lucky for him, another cock hungry queer walks past just at that moment, striking up a conversation with the dude. They go back home, pulling each other's clothes off and getting down and dirty with some oral sex. Just before they are about to get to the good action, a third man walks into the room and joins them, sparking off a whole new level of sexual excitement. If you like multiple cocks in a scene then you are going to love these three magnificent manhoods - they're finger licking good!

Horny Gay Jocks Love Sucking Dick

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring G-Zon Beauleau, Nicky Wells

(135 Votes)

Nickey Wells is the type of sexy stud that you would love to have on your jock strap - he's a cutie with glasses, short hair, and a mouth that can suck with the best of them. G-Zon Beauleau is the recipient of all of his attention, working his mouth up and down that dick. He opens up wide and feels it work its way down his throat. They are both outside and the sun works across them. It's a wonder that no one can hear their moans as the scene gets more and more intense - it's one of the hottest.

Woodland Gays Fuck Each Others' Asses

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Jeremie DuNord, Julian LeCoq

(961 Votes)

After they see each other running through the woods, these two studs get bulging erections in their pants. They engineer a meeting in a field, each immediately demanding to see the other man's penis. The guys get their cocks out and rub them together, marvelling at the size and the dribbling precum oozing out of the heads. They retreat back into the woods for some privacy, getting their suck on with some fantastic blow job action before they take turns fucking each other in the butt. It's rough woodland sex as they bend each other over on a log, pounding each other ruthlessly in the sphincter. Two the messy cum explosions finish the scene.

Gay Anal Sex In Gym With Messy Ending

Duration: 20m, 55s, Starring Alain Medio, Alexandre Pleintemps

(716 Votes)

Have you ever been working out hard at the gym and just thought that you could really go some cock? That's exactly what happens in this hot gay fuck clip, as a toned, shaven headed man is working on the exercycle behind a more muscular chap in front of him. The guy on the exercycle looks down in surprised and in satisfaction as the other man goes down on him, giving him a surprise suck job right there in the gym. After some more oral both ways, exercycle guy bends his bulkier brother over and bangs him in the butt, bringing his balls right up to the man's sphincter with each powerful thrust. He ejaculates messily on his back.

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