Three Gay Men Heat Up the Warehouse

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Max Grand, Max Stone, Shane Colt

(194 Votes)

Working in a warehouse full of sexy muscular gay men is very difficult for the new manager to resist. Two of the guys get their hands all over him and start stripping off his clothes. He kisses one guy while having his knob polished by the other guy. The two men give him a warm welcome him to the wet warehouse and he returns the favor by sucking on their cocks. Bent over the forlift, one guy mounts him from behind and slips his dick into his tight asshole while filling his mouth with the other cock.

Romantic Dinner Leads To Hard Gay Sodomy

Duration: 23m, 36s, Starring Cort Stevens, Max Grand

(391 Votes)

After a romantic dinner, two guys go back home to see where things lead. They sit nervously around the table, both wanting to take things a step further but neither man being willing to make the first move. Then the good-looking blond stud gets up and launches himself at his brunette buddy, and they both let out a soft moan of satisfaction as they begin to kiss. Soon they are sucking each others' cocks and then uncharacteristically they both assume both top and bottom positions, taking turns fucking each other in the ass. Both of these guys are equally well hung and they love getting it in the butt, jerking off over each others' cocks.

Boss Gets Blown By His Warehouse Staff

Duration: 37m, 43s, Starring Chad Conners, Joe Romero, Max Stone

(285 Votes)

When this business owner goes into the warehouse to see how the staff are going, he certainly gets more than he was bargaining for! He tries to be the dominant boss, not taking any shit from his employees and enjoying ordering them around. However, he had forgotten how good looking they both are! Soon the employees have their tops off as they crouch around the boss's waist, sucking his dick. This kicks off a suck and fuck orgy of epic proportions as all three guys take turns sucking each others' cocks and fucking each other's butts. All work for the day is abandoned - the only thing these employees have to focus on is getting the boss off!

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