Leather Loving Hunks Getting Nasty

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Drew Andrews, Gareth Christopher, Kurt Stefano, Tanner Reeves

(118 Votes)

Tanner Reeves and Drew Andrews are certainly hot pieces of gay ass, but they're not the guys you're going to see with their legs up in the air while their ass is getting reamed. No, that honor is reserved for Kurt Stefano and Gareth Christopher, who are leather loving daddies that can't help themselves when they get in the mood. There's nothing quite like seeing this pair start stroking and playing with each other, getting hornier by the minute. By the time they're done with each other's dicks, there is cum all over the place.

Gay Leather Lovers in Interracial

Duration: 14m, 34s, Starring Drew Andrews, Richard Reyes, Tanner Reeves

(198 Votes)

Tanner Reeves and Drew Andrews end up having a gay leather fest with Richard Reyes showing up at the end. It's rather fascinating to watch the set up, but the hottest part is that they're going after each other with the interracial fucking in public. Anyone could end up coming by and seeing them, and they just keep on going, their passion intensified with that thought. It's a wonder that they didn't cum right away with that kind of motivation, but this interracial gay sex scene ends up going for quite some time.

Hot Gay Dungeon Scene with Leather

Duration: 15m, 4s, Starring Drew Andrews, Patrick Ives, Sam Ritter, Sweet Williams

(196 Votes)

If you love leather or dungeon vids, you are going to get a kick out of this gay rough sex flick. Playful Williams, Patrick Ives, Drew Andrews, and Sam Ritter are the stars of this sordid show, and while you'll see some more than others, you are going to get nearly every gay fetish thrown at you in one scene. There's plenty of power plays, a ton of leather, a bit of bondage, and enough sex to make you want to run right up to the dungeon and throw yourself into the middle of it. If you want a hot gay porn video, make sure you watch this one.

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