Gay Tourist Have Hardcore Hotel Room Sex

Duration: 31m, 38s, Starring Ivan Plop, Petr Bartonicek

(501 Votes)

After a long and tiring flight, two guys end up making friends in the line at the food bar. Instead of going their separate ways they end up sharing a hotel room for some hardcore fuck and suck action. These guys are hot and horny and have great bods - not too muscular, not too fat. There is some great oral sex both ways and as well as having generally attractive bodies, both of these gentlemen are blessed with excellent sized dicks. The anal is hot and hardcore and it's lucky that they used lube - there sure is some hardcore fucking going on here! They use condoms, although they spunk off all over each other at the end.

Hardcore Doggystyle Anal In The Jacuzzi

Duration: 19m, 25s, Starring Radek Luzar, Roman Senko

(381 Votes)

A couple of horny gays are relaxing in the jacuzzi when things get out of hand. Their passions inflamed by the warm water, they begin to kiss and then one guy drops to his knees, eagerly licking and sucking his buddy's erect penis. He pays special attention to the balls as well! Then the cocksucker gets bent over while his buddy spits on his butt, sticking two fingers inside at once to stretch it out. Once he has the back door sufficiently widened he inserts his schlong, pounding his buddy doggy right there in the spa pool. When he is about to cum, he orders his friend to kneel once more, ejaculating on his chest. Then the guys kiss.

Inventive Gays Have Hot Threeway Ass Sex

Duration: 26m, 52s, Starring Jozef Cernan, Marcel Manigati, Vladislav Juracka

(133 Votes)

There are hot bodies aplenty in this excellent young gay threesome. It begins with three dudes in a lavish living room, one sitting on a chair while the other two stand on either side. The seated man is obviously at the bottom of the ladder, blowing the two men for quite a while until they deign to bend down and give his cock a little suck. However, the action is really hardcore as the seated man gets bent over and spit roasted, a dick in his mouth and one up his butt. There is also an extremely well shot part where the guy getting his cock sucked bends down underneath the other two for some excellent threeway sex in a unique position.

Gay Couple Have Hot Morning Anal Sex

Duration: 26m, 12s, Starring Michal Pavlas, Petr Matijka

(116 Votes)

These horny homosexuals are truly hardcore in their love-making. They wake up after a long night to a hardcore kiss, regardless of the filthy wang breath from their exploits the night before. Things don't stop there, as one guy rolls over on top of the other, pinning him down and running his hands all over his hard body. This turns in to some excellent mutual cocksucking both ways - a great way to start off the morning! Then the chap with the longer hair bangs his buddy right in the backside, in doggy and lying on his side. He pulls out at the last minute and spurts all over his own stomach, leaving a large deposit.

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