Dirty Gay Anal Fuck On Kitchen Counter

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Casey Morgan, Justin Long, Marco Antonio

(129 Votes)

This intense kitchen sex scene begins with two good-looking young guys kissing each other. One has a large, billowing singlet on, while the other wears a sleeveless checkered shirt - both of the guys look extremely queer! They have some really hot oral sex, blowing each other one by one and then 69ing on the couch. Then the guy with slightly longer hair sits on the kitchen counter while his fuck buddy, who has an almost shaven head, lowers himself down on his erect cock. Soon the shaven headed guy is jerking his cock furiously and grunting as his butt gets plundered by his hung partner. Two sticky cumshots finish this hot anal clip.

Two Young Guys Suck An Older Man's Penis

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Alex Summers, Marc West, Sean Wolf

(200 Votes)

At the beginning of this scene we see an older daddy figure having his cock sucked by two younger guys. The two young men, a muscular blond guy and a slim brunette, are both obviously cock hungry dick slurpers who can't get enough man meat! Of course, they are aroused even more by this dominant and authoritarian older man, complete with a moustache. As the older man blows his load, the two younger studs continue with their fun, taking turns fucking each other up the ass. At the end of the scene they lie naked next to one another, leaning against the wall and kissing as they masturbate themselves to two stupendous cumshots.

Rich Gay Guys Have Hot Anal In The Pool

Duration: 15m, 12s, Starring Casey Morgan, Max Grand, Sebastian Jaymz

(384 Votes)

This hot gay anal clip begins with a pair of of good-looking and extremely wealthy guys waking up in the morning. As they stretch and relax in their sumptuous bed, one of the guys picks up a dirty magazine and begins to flick through it, pointing out especially horny parts to his partner. Soon the magazine is forgotten as the guys indulge in some hot 69 action, furiously sucking each others' dicks and tonguing each others' tight assholes. After they have had their fill of oral sex, the guys relocate to the pool, with the brunette man lying on his back and feeling his own dick while he gets butt plugged by his dominant blond buddy.

Cute Twinks Fucking in Kitchen

Duration: 20m, 30s, Starring Casey Morgan, Kyle Reardon

(163 Votes)

Casey Morgan and Kyle Reardon are in the mood for some hot and heavy twink sex in the kitchen, and nothing is going to stop them from messing around with each other. They start off with kissing nice and slow, long and sensual kisses that make their dicks stiff as a board. By the time they get themselves so turned on, they can't make it to the bedroom. Instead they just start getting nasty right on the kitchen floor, moaning and groaning against each other. Now this is some great twink kitchen sex.

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