Amateur Stud Covers Himself With Cream

Duration: 14m, 32s, Starring Jake Johnson

(72 Votes)

Handsome, all American stud Jake Johnson jacks himself to an orgasm in this studio masturbation clip. Set against a basic black sheet in the garage studio, he nervously strips off his pants and white underpants. He's got a decent sized cock along with a toned body, but he seems quite shy on camera - it's obvious that he's not a professional pornstar, and it makes it even hotter! At first he even has trouble getting fully erect, but then he lies back on the sofa, closes his eyes and lets his imagination take over. The camera zooms in on his face during the exquisitely agonising moment just before he creams all over himself - very sexy!

Hung Young Stud Masturbates Before Work

Duration: 5m, 53s, Starring Devon Austin

(116 Votes)

Young buck Devon is rudely awakened by his morning alarm - just as he was getting to the good bit of his wet dream! He stomps in to the shower in a bad mood, noticing that water continuing to run down his immensely hard cock - he's got definitely got to do something about that, or else he's not going to be able to fit inside his pants for work! Even if it's going to make him late, Devon knows that he has to get himself off - he won't be able to concentrate all day! He dries himself off and retired to the bedroom, pumping his straining, rock hard member. He's already close to cumming, with precum visible at the eye of his quivering penis.

Muscle Stud Masturbates With Baby Oil

Duration: 13m, 15s, Starring Cole Powers

(174 Votes)

Goddamn - this dude has got a phenomenal body! He is seriously perfectly proportioned and toned; not too beefy, but with tight, hard muscles that would make any man's mouth water. Wouldn't you love to get held down and screwed by a well hung, handsome man like this? Unfortunately for Cole, he doesn't have anyone to screw or to suck him off; instead, he has to make do with his right hand and some imagination. He greases up his chest and genitals with baby oil, making them glisten as he starts to stroke himself. He is very well hung and he can use both hands on himself at the same time and still have room leftover - truly a premium cock!

College Stud Fucks His Hand For Cumshot

Duration: 11m, 41s, Starring Kyle Reed

(337 Votes)

Step into the dorm room of young college stud Kyle Reed - you won't be disappointed! The young, athletic dude is reading a porno on his bed, fantasizing about getting his dick worked by a horny sex slave. He takes a quick look around, not even bothering to lock the door in case his room mate comes in - he's just used to get off right now! He strips completely nude, showing off some sexy tan lines along with a nice thick cock and balls with bushy pubic hair. He kneels as if he was fucking someone in doggy and starts to thrust his hips back and forth, using his hands as a tight little fuckhole until he spurts all over his porno mag.

Beefy Stud Uses Both Hands On His Cock

Duration: 9m, 28s, Starring Rio Quintin

(139 Votes)

Buff and attractive gym stud Rio Quinton gets home from the gym sweaty and in heat. There was a good-looking guy working the weights today that has really got Rio hard! Before he jumps in the shower, he knows that he has to pump himself off - if he doesn't cream soon, who knows what he might do? He quickly strips off and lies back on the bed, showing off a beefy, muscular body with great abs - and a nice thick cock! He focuses intently on his dick, spitting on it for lube and using a twisting motion with both hands to get himself off. He also reaches down between his thighs to squeeze his balls and slides one finger into his ass.

Soldier Masturbates With Fingers Up Butt

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Jason Cox

(588 Votes)

Toned, hard bodies, big cocks, and an authoritative attitude - these young military guys have got it all! You'll be spellbound as good-looking recruit Jason Cox strips off his uniform one evening in his dorm room. He's got a deliciously slender and toned body - there's barely an ounce of fat on this guy, and his firm muscles are clearly defined! What's even better is that he is packing a large, tasty looking dick in his pants; it's so big that he can get two hands around it and still the head pokes out the end! He pumps himself off and also spreads his ass cheeks, sticking two fingers up his own butt while he jacks himself to orgasm.

Incredible Cock On This Military Stud

Duration: 13m, 39s, Starring Jay Anthony

(232 Votes)

Jesus Christ - that is one magnificent dick! It belongs to young military man Jay Anthony, a tall and gorgeous stud - but his best feature is definitely that serious piece of man meat that he is packing between his muscled legs! He starts off standing on top of his bed in the dormitory, proudly showing off his cock; then he lies back and looks into the camera with bedroom eyes as he starts to pump it. It just seems to get bigger and bigger - it's got to be over 9 inches long! He's got a gorgeous pair of full balls to match; wouldn't you love to get your mouth all over those sexy genitals? The hung stud finishes himself off in the shower.

Sexy Young Soldier Fingers His Own Ass

Duration: 9m, 47s, Starring Sgt. Clay

(295 Votes)

Young marine stud Sgt Clay needs to get off one day - he just can't wait until his shift is over, he has to cum now! He makes up a flimsy excuse and disappears into the store room, locking the door and quickly stripping off his clothes in the dark. The toned young muscle stud grabs his semierect dick, quickly pumping himself to a full erection and starting to thrash himself wildly. Part way through he rolls over into doggy, sticking two fingers from his other hand up his butt and pretending that he is getting fucked in the ass while he continues to masturbate. Soon he is spurting a thick stream of hot sperm over his own toned stomach.

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