Chance Meeting In DVD Store Equals Anal

Duration: 15m, Starring Josh Sterling, Karl Thomas

(213 Votes)

If you want to pick up a horny dude, one of the best places that you can go is the gay video section of your local adult bookstore! You're sure to find a whole bunch of horny gay chaps who are looking for casual sex! That's exactly what happens in this excellent clip, as two dudes hook up and immediately high tail it back to the crib. They start off in the kitchen, pressing each other up against the fridge for some excellent kissing. One guy drops to his knees and begins to suck his buddy's dick, pulling it out of his white underpants. Then the cocksucker gets bent over and has his asshole licked and fingered before he gets fucked.

Muscular Dudes Have Hot Couch Anal Fuck

Duration: 29m, 46s, Starring Jackson Phillips, Matt Raven

(152 Votes)

After a moody introductory sequence in a gay fetish club, with two leather bound studs putting on a sex show in front of a huge crowd of men, this gay clip focuses around a couple of good looking guys having some hot anal on the couch. It looks like it is late at night and the studs have just got home from partying, but now it's time for a different kind of party - in their pants! One guy is more slightly built with blond hair while his bulkier brunette friend seems to be the dominant one, getting his cock sucked and then bending the smaller man over the back of the couch for hardcore sodomy. There is some great ass pumping action here!

Shy Dude Picks Up Unsuspecting Dog Owner

Duration: 12m, 34s, Starring Brian Maxx, Shawn Adams

(106 Votes)

A shy dude has trouble meeting other men so instead he walks around looking for dog owners. He feels that if he can talk to the owner about their pet then he gets comfortable enough to make his move. In this particular scene he is successful in his quest and gets an unsuspecting pet walker back to his house. The sex begins with the guys kissing on the bed, lingering over each others' lips and getting themselves into the mood. There's some excellent cocksucking and then this horny homosexual takes it in the ass from the older dog walker. He squeals as he gets his butthole pushed back in doggystyle by the surprisingly well hung dude.

Gym Studs Have Romantic Anal Session

Duration: 17m, 15s, Starring Marco Rossi, Tom Katt

(471 Votes)

In this romantic gay sex scene, porn stars Tom Katt and Marco Rossi have some excellent oral and anal sex. The guys are soaping up their muscular bodies in the shower next to one another and they just can't keep their eyes to themselves! Next you see them lying in a darkened room in a bed with a pretty bunch of flowers next to it. The gym studs kiss passionately and it turns out that the more muscular man is the submissive one! He sucks his more slender and toned friend and then takes it in the ass doggystyle and then missionary. His fuck buddy holds him by the ankles while he deep strokes his ass hole right down to the balls.

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