Big Dick Hunks Fucking on the Bed

Duration: 22m, 54s, Starring Blake Smith, Mitch Ray

(122 Votes)

Blake Smith and Mitch Ray really love to compare cocks, but they don't love it as much as they do sucking those cocks. They both have pretty big cocks, and I love watching them in action for sure - there is nothing quite like seeing him just walk into the room on Blake, wanting to take care of his masturbation for him. The best part is when he's sucking off Blake and then working his own cock at the same time - that's always the considerate thing to do, I would think - it's also one of the hottest.

Business Man and Jock Fucking Together

Duration: 19m, 30s, Starring Caleb Stone, Mitch Ray

(187 Votes)

Mitch Ray and Caleb Stone might not be the combination that you would expect when it comes to gay fucking. One looks like he is a businessman right off of work, while the other just looks like a college jock that is getting ready to go out for some sports. Instead, they are paired up together in a nasty hardcore scene back in the bedroom that starts off with Mitch sucking off Caleb. The clothes go flying off as the scene gets hotter, and then they end up bent over and pounding ass to end things.

Slender Twink Fucking Muscle Man

Duration: 26m, 59s, Starring Brett Thomas, Michael Gray

(159 Votes)

When you put a twink and a hunk together what you end up getting is one hot gay porno. Michael Gray is the hunk of this scene, and he only has eyes for Brett Thomas. There is something about this pairing that really just gets me going like nothing else - they are so fucking hot together. He starts off by sucking some twink rod, working his mouth up and down it as slow as he can manage. He does that to get as much of a tease as possible, although all it really ends up doing is making him get his mouth filled up with cum. I love watching the way they rub up against each other too - you don't see chemistry like that too often.

Hot Hunk Getting His Ass Pounded

Duration: 16m, 27s, Starring Blake Smith, Brett Thomas

(120 Votes)

How would you like to be Blake Smith? He's just stretched out and chilling, and he wakes up when Brett Thomas comes in the room. He would love to take this pecker in his mouth, so when Brett stretches out he is all over him. I love watching him in action, slowly working off his pants and really getting his meatstick nice and hard. There is nothing like watching a gay deepthroat either, which is exactly what happens there. He also gets to bend over and let that shaft slowly stretch him out and then make him completely scream.

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